Full Moon in July: The Blessing Moon

Full Moon in July: The Blessing Moon

Full Moon In July: The Blessing Moon

July's full moon is known as the Blessing Moon.

We are in the middle of summer, and it is hot!

We are often a bit sluggish during July, and we find ourselves indoors than outdoors compared to the earlier months, which is why it is a good time of the year to focus on meditation and reflection.

It is also called the buck moon for this is the time when the new antlers emerge from bucks' foreheads.

It is the Thunder Moon because of the frequent thunderstorms in the summer.

It is also the Hay Moon, after the hay harvest that takes place in July, or Wort Moon, because July is the time to gather herbs (worts) to dry and use as spices and remedies.

Full Moon In July: The Blessing Moon

These are other names for the full moon in July. 

  • Meadow Moon
  • Buck Moon
  • Thunder Moon
  • Hay Moon
  • Wort Moon

Despite the heat, this is still a season of blessings.

It’s the time when you start to see fat tomatoes form on the vine, plump peppers, watermelons, and the beginnings of squash for later harvesting.

The flowers are also blooming, and corn stalks are on their way to being tall and bountiful.

If you have herbs growing in your garden, you may now harvest and dry them for later magickal use.

Full Moon In July: The Blessing Moon

Blessing Moon Magick

This is a great time to do meditation, reflection, divination and dreamwork. For a bit of moon magick divination, consider doing some water scrying under the full moon.

If you've ever thought about creating a dream journal, this month is a good time to start one with your very own Book of Shadows

Dreams can be prophetic and they portend of things to come. They can be therapeutic, a way of our subconscious to make you see problems that need to be taken care of.

Full Moon In July: The Blessing Moon

Write down your dreams so you can try to interpret their messages later, and see how they'll apply to your life in the coming months.

You may relax and settle into a meditative state with the watery energy of the Blessing Moon.

If you garden, get outside and spend some time in it. You may do some weeding and as you do it, enter into a meditative state.

As you pull the weeds, think of the things that you need to pull out from your life that are not doing you any good and are making you stray from a balanced and spiritual path.

Full Moon In July: The Blessing Moon

Just as farmers and gardeners need to remove the weeds to let the crops and flowers grow, you need to remove the weeds in your life to allow uninhibited growth.

Letting the weeds grow kills the crops. And as for letting the weeds grow in your life, they will prevent you from reaching your potential, kill your happiness, and stunt your growth

Here are correspondences for the magick you intend you do this month:

  • Colors: Green, silver, blue, grey
  • Gemstones: Moonstone, white agate, opals or pearls
  • Trees: Ash and oak
  • Deities: Juno, Venus, Cerridwen, Athena, Nephthys, Lugh
  • Herbs: Mugwort, hyssop, lemon balm
  • Element: Water

Full Moon In July: The Blessing Moon


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