The Eye Of The Goddess Book Of Shadows according to Danny

The Eye Of The Goddess Book Of Shadows according to Danny

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In this video, Danny really came out of her way just to do this amazing video review about The Eye Of The Goddess Book Of Shadows.

Video Transcript:

Hey guys! It's Danny and today, I am here with another item from The Moonlight Shop.

This item is really awesome, I mean, every item we've gotten from them has been amazing and awesome and the necklaces were just amazing quality but this might have to be one of the best item.

This is one of their Book Of Shadows. So you can write all your secrets or all your spells inside and it is just amazing. 

Though the design is different from the picture. That's because each one is handmade. So each design and each book is unique just like a snowflake.

This stone in the middle for the Eye Of The Goddess can also be a bit different but all of them are still just as beautiful.

As you see, it has this really, really nice clasp so you don't have to worry about the book besides the side of the book where the paper is really getting damaged because this holds it in and holds it closed.

The book is just wonderful. There's over 200 pages. It's perfect to fit in the purse and we're just really impressed with the quality. I mean, the paper feels much nicer than normal paper that you'd get in any journal. So you could probably use a fountain pen. 

It doesn't really feel like the paper is fragile that the ink will run through. It feels really absorbent and nice.

It's just really a great book and though it's only one of their many, each book is absolutely beautiful, unique, and just perfect and I really recommend you guys picking one up along maybe a necklace or whatever.

Their items have never disappointed us because they are just that amazing and magickal.

So I hope you guys enjoyed hearing about The Eye Of The Goddess Book Of Shadows.


Bye. :)

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Joshua walters
Joshua walters

March 22, 2020

Be all of the coolest things on here they’ve ever seen in my life. God I just love everything and all I do is y’all have coolest stuff ever

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