The Dragon Guardian Necklace & Pentacle Of Spells according to Danny

The Dragon Guardian Necklace & Pentacle Of Spells according to Danny

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In this video review, Danny tells us about how she stumbled upon our little shop how much she loves our products.

Video highlights:

0:07 - How she found out about The Moonlight Shop

0:27 - Dragon Guardian Necklace

2:04 - Pentacle Of Spells

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, it's Danny and today I am here to talk about the most amazing shop ever. 

I was scrolling through Facebook and there was a page that said it was recommended to us so I clicked on it and it was called The Moonlight Shop and started looking through it and came upon their jewelry and they were really, really awesome looking and today, amazingly, well we've had them for oh but maybe about a week.

But today, we're here or at least I am because Kirk is off doing stuff. I'm here to talk about these amazing necklaces and sometimes you see necklaces that look amazing on the pictures and when you get them they're crappy, but these are not like that at all. They are absolutely gorgeous and I love them and I want to buy everything from The Moonlight Shop so today we have the Pentacle of Spells, I hope I didn't just butcher that, and the Dragon Guardian.

Now the Dragon Guardian is beautiful and it's the one Kirk picked up. As you can see, the tail actually wraps around and curls up so unlike other dragon necklaces, like Kirk seen in the past, the tail doesn't move around bend or try to fall off and in general he's been wearing this necklace every single day and it hasn't at all fallen apart or gotten ruined. He's even showered with it and it looks just as amazing as it did when we first got it.

The second necklace is my pentagram necklace (Pentacle Of Spells) and what's unique about this necklace is these stones and they weren't just some random stones, they threw in when you buy this necklace. Along with a few others, you're able to actually pick your birthstone.

You can pick your birthstone color as well as any other color you might want if maybe you don't like birthstone color. But because I really do like mine, I picked January and I think it just looks perfect, especially with the necklace. I think the Garnet Red looks awesome and when it comes to pentagram(pentacle) necklaces, I've never really seen like this stuff around it and the beautiful moon, some of them are just the pentagram and or the star and that's absolutely it.

There is an earlier moon in the middle or gems and it looks really plain, so I'm quite impressed that they went and took the extra effort to make it better and just completely fix it up and as you can see my cameras being all weird.

As you can see this part where you put the cord in, this actually attached to it so it's not just gonna break or fall off and they're really nice, really sturdy.

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Cindy eckart
Cindy eckart

April 20, 2022

I want to learn more about dragon

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