Teaching Wicca To Your Children

Teaching Wicca To Your Children

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The Wiccan community has grown so much since its birth in the early twentieth century. The earliest Wiccans have grown children now, and their children are having children of their own.

Being a Wiccan means being a healer, a teacher, and a giver. It means honoring Mother Nature and being humbled by her presence in everything.

Being such a wonderful religion it is, and being a parent, you may be wondering how you can get your children to understand Wicca. It’s normal to want to teach them the ways of Wicca and have them love and believe in Wicca as much as you do.

Teach them about Wicca

Teaching them Wicca is not about teaching them spells or rituals (although that’s still a good idea later on). It is mostly teaching them nature’s seasonal cycles and teaching them how to treat all living things with respect. It is also about teaching them how to live in the moment and to always choose peace.

Depending what season it is at present, teach them its significance and teach them the cycle of sowing, reaping, and death in the natural world.

Teach them to connect with nature

This is not going to be difficult for children since those of the Fae realm trust children enough to show themselves to them. This is why we think children have wild imaginations or even have secret friends only they can see. Those are the magickal beings of the Fae realm connecting with them!

Plus, children are fascinated by the simplest things like raindrops falling from the sky or the sound the wind makes or the creaking of the branches of the trees. Children do believe in magick. You just have to keep the fire alive in them and keep them believing.

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Include your children in your rituals or practices

The best way to teach your children is by doing. And how is this done? By including them in your Wiccan practices. Tell your children stories, sing them songs, let them hear you chanting. Hold their hands in one of your protection spells/rituals. Allow them to participate in your rituals and teach them the proper behavior in each.

If there is one thing that’s sure, children catch whatever it is that you do and take it with them even when they are grown.

Celebrate Sabbats with your children

With your rituals and altar out in the open, your child will be very curious about everything. Let him or her understand. What’s better is to celebrate Sabbats with him or her. Make sure she or he understands the importance of the Sabbat you are celebrating.

If you keep on this long enough, your child will get to a point where he or she will do her own preparation for the coming Sabbat.

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Spend time doing craftwork with your children

When I say craftwork, I do not mean spells. I mean craft work where you have projects you finish with your children. They will absolutely love this! Let this be their time away from electronics!

  • Hiking and Scavenging

  • One nature project is taking a hike in the woods together and sitting by the river, collecting stones, twigs, and pinecones. Whatever non-living thing that may interest your child. When you get home, gather your loot and place them in a glass jar. Remember, it is the Wiccan way to always have a piece of nature inside your home.

  • Wand-making

  • If your child loves Harry Potter, she or he is gonna want to make her or his own wand. Give your child options to decorate his or her wand with. Like have some crystals or gemstones available. Use this as an opportunity to teach her or him about directing energy. Let your child know that he or she has power over his or her energy and vibrations.


  • Telling mythologies as bedtime stories

  • Each god and goddess that belongs to the Greek, Roman, or Norse Pantheon has their own magickal story your children will love. Make sure your stories highlight the personal characteristics of the deities. Ask your child which god or goddess they liked the most and why after every story.

    Wicca is not a difficult religion to understand and love. After you’ve told them about the beliefs, the best way to lead is by your example. Like I said, children will typically emulate adults and don’t be surprised if you see yourself raising respectful, sensitive, and peace-loving children who love Mother Nature.

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    January 15, 2022

    This summer I want to share some information with my grandchild.

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