Spiritualism - 3 Reasons NOT to Hold a Spiritual Session

Spiritualism - 3 Reasons NOT to Hold a Spiritual Session

The majority of people are keen on trying out spiritualism because the thought of communicating with spirits interests them. Some people recommend holding a spiritual session to connect with the world of spirits and that has resulted in a large number of people willing to try it out. 

It can be fruitful embarking of this journey but there are precautions that you need to take when holding a session like the use of protection crystals. Above the precautions, there are also instances where you shouldn’t try to connect with spirits. 

What are those cases? Here are 3 reasons not to hold a spiritual session:

Don’t try to connect with spirits with the wrong intentions

As mentioned above, there are many reasons that could lead an individual into trying out spiritualism. They might be encouraged by someone else to engage in connecting with spirits, or alternatively, they could be attracted by its popularity. 

To some, the concept just sounds interesting and that can lead to them trying to experiment with it live. The truth is, you shouldn’t even attempt spiritualism if you don’t have a clear and valid reason for doing so. 

Don’t communicate with spirits just because you think it’s cool but ensure that your head and heart are in the right place. Some ulterior motives that disqualify you to attempt spiritualism include a fascination with death, boasting to other people or frightening them. 

If those are the reasons you have, they are wrong and engaging with spirits could do more harm to you and those around you. Thus, it is best to stay clear off spiritualism to avoid negative results that could hurt many people or damage who you are. 

If you don’t have the right intentions, it might attract malicious spirits that have the intent and means to harass and frighten you. The right intentions include trying to connect with spirits that will elevate you and bring blessings as well as support to you. Therefore, doing it for the thrill should be the main reason to avoid spiritualism.

Avoid holding a spiritual session when you aren’t physically and emotionally fit to do so

When you aren’t emotionally and physically fit to hold a spiritual session, it is best not to try and force things by doing it anyway. Being under the influence of alcohol or using drugs can connect you to bad spirits that you aren’t intending to communicate with. Those spirits are attracted to intoxication and using drugs and alcohol can allow them to come to you. 

The results of connecting with these spirits can be them hurting you or those you love the most because of their maliciousness and mischievousness. Sobriety is key to connecting with higher energies that will remove bad luck and open up blessings for you.

Another reason that should make you not want to connect with spirits is being emotionally out of it. Your body tells you when you are not emotionally okay and when you feel that less than 100%, don’t try to attempt a spiritual session. It is just as the saying goes, “we attract what we are,” when we are unstable and negative, we won’t invite positive spirits. 

Leah Gibson, writer for best essay writing and essay writing services covering science, psychology and spirituality subjects, says, ‘’our bodies emit frequencies that function at a certain frequency, which means that when we have bad feelings, we will attract negative spirits. These two points are also very important to look out for, do not hold a spiritual session when you are not physically and emotionally good to avoid bad results.’’

Being scared when connecting with spirits 

Although anxiety is part of every new endeavor you may try to take, if you have excessive fear about spiritualism, it is best you don’t even start practicing it. The fear could be caused that you were only just curious to see how it works but when it gets real, you are scared to be part of it. In this case, it is very important to check your intentions before doing it. 

If you possess any hallmarks of fear, you will inadvertently attract negative entities that intend no good towards you and your family. You need to be comfortable and calm when practicing spiritualism and fear is the opposite of that. 

In some cases, you may feel like you really need to do spiritualism with the right intentions, if that’s the situation, read up about it. When you conduct more research on the subject, it can rid you of all the fear or alternatively help you recognize it isn’t for you. 

There are a lot of reputable books that you can read to get more information on spiritualism. On the other hand, you can opt to speak directly with someone experienced in spiritualism to explain and guide you throughout the whole process. The effort should be to possess the right knowledge before making an unplanned move and landing in trouble.

Final thoughts

Spiritualism is a fascinating concept when you first hear of it but there is more entailed to it that the ability to communicate with spirits. You need to understand that there are spirits that are willing to do you harm and to avoid them, don’t be intoxicated or feel emotionally negative. 

Don’t engage in spiritualism when you have the wrong intentions because it might attract those negative spirits that can hurt you and those around you. When you’re scared, ask the guidance of those experienced than you or alternatively read reputable books that will explain everything in detail.

Liam Catalan works as a freelance academic writer and copywriter and holds a rich experience of 5 years in his line of work. His current assignment is with best essay writing service UK and he previously worked as an editor at the University of Melbourne newspaper. He is an expert in a range of topics that include blogging, freelancing, business and finance and technology. 

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