10 Protection Crystals from Energy Vampires & How they Work

10 Protection Crystals from Energy Vampires & How they Work


An energy vampire is any person who feeds of your psychic or emotional energy. Some of the energy vampire traits to look out for include lack of consideration, empathy, and emotional immaturity. This is mainly caused by the insecurity or pain that they feel inside.

To heal their inner suffering, people with energy vampire traits are dependent on the vitality of others. In short, an energy vampire could be anyone in your environment such as a family member, friend, child, romantic partner or colleague. If you deeply care about the people around you, the chances of attracting energy vampires into your life are very high.

If you are a sensitive person with no clear boundaries, it’s likely that you are surrounded by energy vampires in all directions. How can you stop this from happening? By reading this guide, you are going to learn more about the ten protection crystals that you can use and how they work. But first, let’s look at the types of energy vampires.

Types of Energy Vampires

You may start feeling resentful towards energy vampires. However, keep in mind that these people have not developed the capacity to handle their issues on their own.

Energy vampires depend on the vitality of others because they are in pain. The one thing you should remember is you are not responsible for solving their inner problems. Everyone has a responsibility of solving their problems.

Energy vampires will leave you feeling tired and drained that you can’t take care of yourself. As a result of regularly interacting with an energy vampire, you might feel constantly anxious, fatigued, angry or depressed.

You need to draw the line and set clear boundaries when interacting with these people. It can be difficult for you to be assertive and nurture yourself if you can’t identify the different types of energy vampires in your life.


1. The Victim Vampire

The victim vampire feed on your guilt. They believe that their suffering is caused by other people. Instead of taking full responsibility for their lives, victim vampires manipulate, blame and blackmail others.

These behaviors are mainly caused by low self-esteem because their problems stem from a lack of validation, approval, and love as children. Victims vampires tend to feel unacceptable and unworthy. Therefore, they try to resolve their pain by gaining empathy or sympathy from you.

When you are around a victim vampire, self-awareness is important. The last thing you want to happen is getting involved in their self-pity. By limiting your interactions with victim vampires, you’ll nurture and preserve your energy.

2. The narcissist vampire

A narcissist vampire has no genuine interest or empathy toward other people. Narcissist vampires always put their needs and interests first. This means that they’ll constantly expect you to feed their egos and do as they say no matter the situation.

Narcissist vampires will use false charm to manipulate you. And they will quickly stab you in the back when struck by fancy. Narcissists will make you feel crushed and disempowered. If you can’t cut your ties with this person right now, you can do your best to limit contact.

3. The dominator vampire

Dominator vampires tend to feel superior to other people. They are the alpha males and females. This is caused by their insecurities of being wrong or appearing weak in front of others.

They will hide their insecurities by intimidating you. Dominator vampires usually have rigid beliefs and a black and white perception of the world. They are often homophobic, racist and sexist.

When you are around a dominator vampire be assertive. Keep in mind that they dominate because of their fears of getting hurt.

4. The melodramatic vampire

The melodramatic energy vampire likes creating problems. They need to create drama constantly due to their underlying emptiness. They also love to look for problems because this gives them a reason to exaggerate their importance, feel victimized or avoid real-life issues. Plus, they also feed off negative emotions such as anger and jealousy.

Do not allow yourself to be involved in this vampire’s dramas. Pay close attention to their behavioral patterns and triggers. Distancing yourself from them will make your life easy and stress-free.

5. The judgmental vampire

The judgmental energy vampire enjoys picking on other people due to their low self-worth. How they treat others is a reflection of how they treat themselves. They like preying on other people’s insecurities and bolstering their egos to make you feel ashamed and pathetic.

Remember, your self-worth comes from within and no one can put a value on it. Therefore, do not take what the judgmental vampire says personally. Keep your head balanced and if possible, cut off your ties with them.

6. The innocent vampire

Innocent vampires are not malicious. They are helpless people who genuinely need help. They could be children or good friends who rely on you too much. It’s important to help your loved ones. However, you need to encourage them to rely on themselves.

Always being their rock will eventually deplete your energies. This means that you’ll have very little left to support and nurture yourself. Encourage innocent vampires to develop strength and resilience so that they can stand up on their own.

Identifying energy vampires

You can always know when you are dealing with an energy vampire. In most cases, you’ll feel stressed, physically and mentally exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious and irritable.

Protection crystals from energy vampires

If you think you have energy vampires around you, it’s important to shield yourself if you want to nurture yourself. These protection crystals are going to protect you from energy vampires both consciously and unconsciously.

1. Red Garnet

Garnet is available in several colors however, the most popular color is red. Red garnet recharges and energizes the chakras. It is famous for its ability to warn of incoming dangers including energy vampires. Due to this reason, people used to carry it as a talisman. Garnet activates other protection crystals and it can be polished to a jewel that can be worn on the body as necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

2. Aqua aura

This is a type of quartz that is stunningly beautiful. Its blue color is made when the quartz is heated and covered with a thin gold coat. Aqua aura is a powerful stone that not only clears and repairs the aura but also protects from energy vampires.

As research paper help reports, it strengthens the immune system which tends to be weakened by constant exposure to negative energies. Similar to garnet, it should be used with other crystals to enhance protection and healing.

3. Selenite

Selenite is a common crystal that is used as a protective grid around houses. This ensures that your home is protected by preventing negative energies from coming into your house.

You can use transparent selenite to get rid of aura and other external influences that may provoke your thought and emotional processes.

Apart from placing selenite around your house, you can hold it in your hand when you need help. Avoid placing selenite in water as it degrades after some time.

4. Black Obsidian

Obsidian is not a crystal but molten lava that hasn’t crystallized. Due to this reason, it is limitless and very powerful. It’s best to use it under the guidance of a professional crystal healer.

It is a strong protective stone that blocks vampire energies and attacks especially for empaths and sensitive people. It is so good at soaking negative energies that you’ll have to wash it under running after use.

5. Citrine

Citrine carries the energy of the sun and this dispels energy vampires on the spot. Citrine never needs cleansing after absorbing and dissipating negativity.

It protects you by warning you of incoming dangers. And this gives you enough time to protect yourself. It should be worn next to the skin and kept away from sunlight to prevent it from fading.

6. Amethyst

This powerful purple stone is famous for protecting people against negative energy. Amethyst protects you by converting negative energy into love.

It relieves fear, grief, and anxiety. Amethyst should be worn in jewelry around your heart or throat or placed in clusters around your home. Similar to citrine, amethyst fades when exposed to sunlight.

7. Bloodstone

This is a green stone with flecks of red that has magical properties in banishing evil and negativity. It is excellent for protecting and grounding energy vampires.

It re-energizes the mind especially when you are dealing with an energy vampire that leaves you depleted and exhausted. Wear in on your body and put it in a bowl of water beside your bed to get quality sleep.

8. Black tourmaline

Tourmaline is available in different colors. However, black tourmaline offer the highest protection levels against energy vampires. It also protects you against smog, radiation and other harmful energies in your environment. You’ll create a protective shield around yourself by keeping it close to you all the time.

9. Jasper

Jasper is a protective shield that keeps positive energies in your body firmly grounded while absorbing negative energies in your environment. Brown jasper is the best when it comes to drawing off energy vampires. You should place it in all the rooms of your house.

10. Carnelian

Carnelian protects you from negative energy by helping you trust and listen to your intuition and perceptions. It protects you against rage or envy that may come from within or without. You can wear it as jewelry to enhance your protection. Keep it near the front door of your home all the time.


We are always surrounded by energy vampires every time. The last thing we want to happen is getting sucked into their reality. By knowing who they are and how to protect yourself, you’ll have the energy to nurture and improve yourself.


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