Spell To Boost Energy and Productivity on Mondays and Other Days as Well!

Spell To Boost Energy and Productivity on Mondays and Other Days as Well!


Productivity comes in waves - that is a fact of life. The responsible thing to do is to revive it the best way we know how when it is flagging.
There are just days when you feel distracted and nothing seems to be working. Those days are called Mondays, most likely. :)
Kidding aside, this can hit you when 
As witches, we are lucky because we know how we can use gemstones and crystals to use in our spells and rituals to make us more energetic and to boost our productivity.
The clear quartz stone and the hematite stone are perfect to use in spells to boost productivity.

Here’s one spell to increase personal productivity and is good to use for times when you are feeling sluggish and just unproductive in school, at work, or at home.
*This spell is best done during the waxing moon. But you may also cast it during other moon phases, it’s just the power is magnified by the light of the waxing moon.”
What you need:

What you need to do:

1. Place the hematite bracelet in the cauldron and say:

"Grounding and healing stone of magick,

Bring me clear-headedness, vision and productivity starting this day."

2. Place the clear quartz bracelet or pendulum in the cauldron and say:

"Bring me boundless energy and zest and curiosity,

And let it last through this day, week, and month"

3. With the clear quartz and hematite stones together say:

“Stones of magick, focus, and energy,

It’s all I ask of thee,

So mote it be."

 4. After the spell, make sure to have the stones with you at all times, especially those times when you need to be focused, energetic, and productive. If they are in wearable form, that would be excellent. You should feel a surge of energy the days after you cast this spell.

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tonya rose
tonya rose

October 10, 2022

love this i thank you works like magic,lot of love ,\
blessed be

Mike Offutt
Mike Offutt

October 07, 2021

Looking forward to using the energy spell.

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