Solar Eclipse Ritual For Self-Love and Self-Respect

Solar Eclipse Ritual For Self-Love and Self-Respect

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I always look forward to solar eclipses. They are always marked in my calendar because they happen so rarely and when they do… I will not make the mistake of letting them go to waste!

A solar eclipse occurs during a new moon phase. But, it is not like any other new moon phase… is a time when the energy of the moon is amplified and focused.

Which means the power of any spell is amplified if casted during this occurrence.

A solar eclipse is the perfect time for rituals of major transformation. I know I always think of the things I want to change and write them down in the weeks before it comes.

The rarity of the solar eclipse makes its powers more intense and its effects more long-lasting. So powerful, in fact, that eclipses shape the journey for the months to come.

So if you cast your new beginnings spell during a solar eclipse - expect a new beginning. There’s no more holding on to the past!

Solar Eclipse energy brings a welcome change and helps you wrap up the cycle that you’ve been on before it.

I always have a ritual ready for the coming solar eclipse. Especially one that heals me and helps me start over. Here’s a solar eclipse ritual for self-love and self-respect I’d like to share with you.

Solar Eclipse Ritual For Self-Love and Self-Respect

In order to use the amazing energy of the eclipse to your advantage, set your intentions and think about what new things you want to manifest for the year ahead.

When you love, you are in your highest state. And that love begins with yourself.  When you love yourself, others will love you back.  

When we respect yourself, others will show you respect…

...and those who don’t love you and respect you will naturally gravitate out of your life!

No more sticking around people who do not treat you right.

Here is a solar eclipse ritual for self-love and self respect ritual which will help you stay on the path of self-love and self-respect.

You will need:

  • Sage smudging stick
  • A white candle
  • A pen and paper
  • Anything rose quartz (it is the stone of self love)

What you need to do:

1.) Begin by smudging yourself, your entire home, your room and all the items you are going to use for this ritual. Open up all the doors and at least one window in your house. Make sure the smoke filters reaches every corner and say the following:

“I cleanse this space with light and loving energy.”

2.) Sit in front of your altar and relax into a meditative state. Take the rose quartz in your hand and hold on to it the entire duration of this ritual.

3.) Take long, deep breaths. Then, place your full attention in your heart chakra, which is in the middle of your chest. It’s the seat of healing love, self-love, and self-respect. Imagine that you are breathing straight into your heart chakra.

4.) Feel a ball of light in your chest growing for each breath by thinking of your good qualities, strengths, good deeds, everything that you like about yourself, and what brings you joy and laughter.

5.) When you feel that the the ball of light has grown and expanded around you, say this:

“There is abundant love in the Universe,
There is abundant love in me.
I thank the Divine for the love they’ve given me.
Heart, mind, body and soul,
I am preparing to start a new chapter.
Give me guidance to help me see my path,
Give me clarity to help me see my worth.
And belief that I am worthy of the love of others.
There is so much love within me,
And with this,
there is nothing I can’t achieve.
I can do anything.
My soul is eternal,
I play an important part in this Universe.
I am a Divine being and I love myself deeply
And I will let this love grow,
Now and forever
So mote it be.”
6.) From here on out, always remind yourself of the wonderful qualities you have. Think of aspects of yourself that you feel will help other people and make their lives better. The amazing thing about self love and self respect is that it grows and grows with the happiness that you inspire in other people.


Through this ritual, I am able to rebuild my love for myself. I am reminded of my place in the Universe and I act accordingly - with so much love and caring for the people around me. In the same way I love and care for myself.

I hope this solar eclipse ritual will help you rediscover your self-worth and self-respect. You are a divine being, you just need reminding sometimes.

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Lila K Devasher
Lila K Devasher

May 08, 2022

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