Our Magickal Herb Boxes

Our Magickal Herb Boxes

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If you’ve been browsing our shop lately, you will notice the variety of herb boxes that we have added there.

There has been an herb-box craze in our office lately. Each one of us has one and we exchange stories how we got them. We are inlove with our herb boxes and we hope you get in on it too!

Why an Herb Box?

Well, an herb box is beautifully made, sturdy, made with natural materials and infused with the power of magickal symbols like the triquetra, pentacle, or the tree of life.

If you’re a witch who smudges or who has created her own magickal bath or mojo bag, you must have thought to yourself, “where and how do I safely store all these herbs so they don’t spill out all over the place?”

Well… the answer comes in the form of a magickal herb box.

A magical herb box functions not only to protect your herbs physically… but also spiritually. Because whether you like it or not, herbs tend to absorb the energies of their surroundings. 

What’s more, magickal herb boxes - depending on their size - can hold your other magickal items like crystals, gemstones, and rune stones.

With a magickal herb box, you can leave it on your altar and sleep peacefully knowing your magickal items are well-protected and safe. 

Here are some of the magickal herb-boxes we have on the shop:  

Tree Of Life Magickal Trinkets and Herb Box

This is a beautifully designed box with jagged edges, giving it a look of perfect imperfection. Carved into it is the symbol of balance, harmony, and unity - the Tree of Life.

This is for you if your spiritual goal is more peace, balance, harmony, and unity for yourself and everyone around.

Pentacle and Celtic Knotwork Wooden Box

The Pentacle and Celtic Knotwork Wooden Box has a more rustic and back-to-nature feel to it. It is not polished and carved into it is the negativity-banishing pentacle surrounded by Celtic knotwork.

This box has dual protective powers which is excellent if you are living alone or in a place where people do not approve of your beliefs, which releases negative energy into the air. Your herbs and other tiny items like tarot card decks and jewelry will be safe here. 

Tree of Life Wooden Box

The Tree of Life Wooden Box is another unpolished and earthy magickal box. Carved into it is the Tree of Life. This is a very unassuming box and smaller than the Pentacle and Celtic Knotwork Wooden Box. 

This is for you is you prefer a smaller box and you seek peace and harmony in your home and your life. If your family life is unstable, leave this on your altar and perform a ritual to help you attain peace and harmony.

Triquetra Wood of the Earth Magickal Box

The Triquetra Wood of the Earth Magickal Box is one of our larger boxes. Carved into it is the triquetra, a symbol of the Mother Goddess in her Maiden, Mother, and Crone stage. 

This is one box that inspires wisdom. If you are in need of wisdom, this one is for you, especially if you are a mother raising a family. Call upon the Mother Goddess and receive her love and be guided by her wisdom.

Which among these boxes is your favorite and why? :) We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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March 15, 2021

The triquetra wood of the earth box is the one that speaks to me.

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