My Favorite Waning Moon Ritual For Letting Go

My Favorite Waning Moon Ritual For Letting Go

The Waning Moon Phase is a time of slowing down, taking a break, and letting go. During the Waning Moon, your focus should be on the things that you don’t want to grow. It’s the time to focus on what’s already there that you want gone. Imagine cleaning out your closets, drawers, and garage.

Think of this as a preparation for the New Moon, which is the time of big changes and transformation.

This Waning Moon Ritual is a ritual for letting go of pent up negativity and is best done before the sun rises. You will also be required to take a ritual bath for this.

This ritual will help when you are feeling stressed out, tired, fearful, negative, angry, bitter, or depressed. If you feel like you need to let go of the negative energy inside you, don’t wait for the waning moon to come. You can do this ritual when you need to.

What you will need:

  • 2 white pillar candles
  • 1 pink candle
  • 1 black candle
  • Sage, Frankincense or Myrrh incense
  • 1 piece of paper
  • 1 pen
  • Sea salt
  • Lavender herbs
  • Rosemary herbs
  • 1 smudging bowl
  • Your own positive affirmations

Ritual Bath Preparation:

  1. Run the bath water.
  2. Add sea salt to the warm bath water.
  3. Sprinkle the lavender and rosemary herbs.
  4. Breathe deeply. Inhale the aroma of the herbs and visualize the steam smoothing out the knots and nerves in your body.
  5. When you inhale, visualize the healing energies of the Divine reaching inside you to heal and repair you.
  6. When you exhale, visualize the negative energies coming out of you to be replaced by new and positive energies.
  7. Go in the bath and soak up for 5 minutes, not stopping the deep breathing and visualizing.

Pentacle of the Moon from The Moonlight Shop

Altar Ritual:

  1. After your bath, go to your altar.
  2. Light the incense.
  3. Light the white candles. They are the symbol of peace, purity, and truth.
  4. Reflect on what peace, purity, and truth mean to you. Meditate on the things in your life right now that are not in sync with your values.
  5. Light the black candle. This candle will absorb the transforming powers of the moon.
  6. Visualize all the negative energy like the pain, hurt, anger, stresses, worries, anxieties, and grief being pulled out of you. All the negative energy is being transformed by the black candle into good and positive energy.
  7. Take one piece of paper and using the pen, write down all the things that you want to get rid of or released. You have to write down EVERYTHING. You may cry, stomp, or scream if you need to. Wait until you get the feeling of RELIEF and being CLEAN before you proceed to the next step. If you are still feeling bad, do not proceed.
  8. When you’re done writing it all down, light one end of the piece of paper and drop it in your smudging bowl.
  9. Put out the black candle.
  10. Light the pink candle.
  11. Recite your positive affirmations. Keep repeating them until you feel absolutely great! Your affirmations are your truth!
  12. Put out the pink candle.

You may keep the candles for use the next time. For a really deep case of depression, do this ritual for 3 nights in a row until the night of the New Moon.

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