My Ancestors: Who Are They And Why Should I Connect With Them?

My Ancestors: Who Are They And Why Should I Connect With Them?


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 Connecting with your ancestors should not be something you do just on Samhain because there is so much to be gained by opening communication lines between you and your ancestors! Knowing how to do this does not come naturally. There are effective and proven methods that many witches have used to successfully build relationships with their ancestors.

Who are my Ancestors?

There are actually different types of ancestors other than those you originated from:

  • 1. Blood Ancestors

  • Your blood ancestors are the ones you physically originated from. They are the parents of your parents and so on. You share their bones, blood, and they brought you into this world.

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  • 2. Spirit Ancestors

  • Your spirit ancestors are those who inspire you. They are the ones who built the very things, tools, and traditions, that continually inspire you.

    Your spirit ancestors are the witches and pagans whom you look up to that are no longer in the physical world. They are the artists, musicians, writers, creators, who built the very foundations of your beliefs and helped you grow.

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  • 3. Place Ancestors

  • Your place ancestors are the ones who once lived in the area you are now living in. They are the people, animals, plants who died and decayed on the very same ground you are stepping on. They are the ones who built and lived in the cities you live in now.
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    How To Develop Relationships With Your Ancestors

    Our ancestors have given us so much! And it is a very fulfilling practice to develop relationships with them. Here are some tips for developing relationships with your ancestors.

    Tip #1 Express Gratitude

    Like I said, our ancestors have given us so much. And it is only right to express gratitude for everything they’ve done and sacrificed for us. Your gifts like your personal strengths, you owe to your ancestors. Your city and how it has come to serve you, you owe to your ancestors. The lovely house and strip of land you own, you owe to your ancestors.

    Having a grateful heart makes it easier for us to communicate with them. Because they only have so much more insights and wisdom to impart.

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    Tip #2 Dedicate An Altar To Your Ancestors

    If you can dedicate an altar specifically for your dragon guardian, you should be able to do so for your ancestors. When you try to win over the affection of someone, you offer them something. This is very familiar because I am sure you did this or are still doing it for your dragon guardian.

    Decorating an ancestor altar will create a space for them inside your home. It is a physical expression of your gratitude. Your ancestor altar can hold pictures of your blood ancestor and books written by your spirit ancestors and of course, a pentacle and triple spiral pendant or amulet. You can light a white candle on this altar whenever you talk to them, ask for their advice, or just give them thanks. Place drinks and food on your altar as an offering to them.

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    Why Should I Even Bother?

    A lot of people wonder, why should we even bother connecting with their ancestors who have long passed. Most people have no idea how powerful the hidden influence of their ancestors is on the life they are living.

    Well, your ancestors are your spiritual benefactors and your personal protectors and the protectors of your clans. They are a source of inspiration, help, and protection.

    Many of the problems you are having today in your life could easily be overcome with the help of your ancestors, if only you knew how to contact them and harness their power!

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