How To Start Being A Wiccan

How To Start Being A Wiccan

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If you’ve recently had a period of enlightenment and you developed an interest in Wicca, I am sure you would like to know how you can get started on this spiritual path. No matter how much you want it, it is normal to feel at a loss and not knowing where to start. It’s also normal to be unsure at times. You cannot just decide you wanna be a Wiccan and become one in a snap of a finger.

Here’s a guide for the beginners who want to know how to actually be a full-fledged Wiccan.  

  • Learn about Wicca

  • There is a lot of reading to be done when learning Wicca. Nowadays, it’s not so difficult since there are many websites online that you can learn from. But of course, to dig deeper, it’s always best to learn from a book. There are many Wiccan books available to learn from online. Scott Cunningham and Raymond Buckland are only two of the most well-known authors on the subject.

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  • Learn what Wicca is not

  • Don’t go into studying Wicca if you’re under the impression that Wicca is about hatching a revenge plan on your enemies or putting hexes on people. Wicca is also not a me-against-the-world situation. In fact, Wicca teaches you how everything is interconnected and that you should strive to be one with everything.

  • Learn how to use magick

  • Magick in Wicca is not the magic that you see performed by people in the circus or magicians. Magick in Wicca is the practice of channeling energy to achieve a desire. Wiccans perform magick to help them heal mentally or emotionally or to attract positive luck. In Wicca, magick is a spiritual act to help turn your dreams and desires into reality.

    Real Wiccans do not do curses, sorcery, or black magick, only pure and white magick. Wiccans would not dare do black magick for they abide by the Wiccan rede and believe in the threefold law.

    While performing magick, you are very vulnerable to outside forces that may be negative.

    So take time to learn about magick by reading up on how to do it as you prepare for your very first magick spell.

  • Follow the Wiccan Rede and Three-fold law

  • Wicca has no commandments, rules or laws. Wiccans only abide by the Wiccan Rede, which is “An Ye Harm None, Do As Ye Will” and the Threefold Law. The Wiccan Rede’s lesson is to treat people the same way you would like to be treated. Wiccans believe everything on this Earth has a purpose and every thing has a part of the goddess within. This is why Wiccans cannot be the evil people that others paint them to be.

    The Threefold Law is similar to the concept of karma. Whatever it is that you give out will come back to you threefold. There is no threat of punishment to Wiccans who fail to abide by these, they impose this discipline on themselves. Wiccans are wonderful people this way.

    If you wanna be a Wiccan, begin living by both codes every single day.

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  • Choose your deities

  • Wiccans do not believe in an omnipotent God like the Christians, they do believe in many gods and goddesses since it is a polytheistic religion. The gods and goddesses are not inaccessible to Wiccans and it is possible to have direct contact with them as if they were your peers.

    So read up on the different gods and goddesses from different pantheons like the Roman, Greek, or Norse and reach out those whose characteristics you like and those you feel can help you in your chosen path.

  • Perform Your First Ritual

  • Wiccans like to perform rituals by their altar or outside to spend time with Nature. Rituals are performed to achieve a desire or to celebrate a Sabbat or according to the moon phases. Rituals can be performed alone or with other people. Rituals also call for tools like black candles, white candles, sea salt, spring water, crystals, etc. And you also need to learn how to cast a circle of protection around you before performing a ritual.

    For example, New Moon rituals are all about new beginnings and usually involves writing down your hopes for your new life. You can search for a New Moon ritual online that can be your very first ritual as you are embarking on this new spiritual path.

  • Keep track of your growth in a Book of Shadows

  • If Catholics keep a bible, Wiccans keep their Book of Shadows. There are many things that should go in your Book of Shadows, but its main purpose is a sacred book that holds your spells, rituals, correspondences, and tracks your growth as a Wiccan. As you learn more about Wicca and advance in your experience, you will have realizations and find associations that you should write down.

    When you look back on your journey, it is your Book of Shadows that will take you there. You will be surprised at how much you have evolved and grown, which is very fulfilling.

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  • Celebrate Sabbats

  • Just like their ancestors, Wiccans celebrate the passage of the seasons. To Wiccans, changing seasons do not mean just a change in clothing choices, but they use it to celebrate Nature, perform thanksgiving rituals and change themselves along with the seasons. See, being a Wiccan is being one with Nature, so the changing of seasons also marks a time of change for a Wiccan.

    There are 8 seasons that each have their own deeper meaning. Yule or Winter is a sign of deep reflection. Ostara or Spring is a time of abundance and fertility. Be sensitive to changing of seasons and take time to reflect on what the coming season means to you.

  • Reach out to other Wiccans

  • Today, it’s not that easy to find a coven to join. But what’s easy to find are Wiccan communities online. Wiccan communities online are not unapproachable but actually very welcoming, warm, and friendly. It has become much easier to reach out to other Wiccans especially when there is no known coven in your city. Take advantage of this opportunity because to meet someone who is on the same spiritual path as you and to learn from him or her is nothing short of magickal. :)

  • Welcome the pentacle into your life

  • If Catholics have the scapular, Wiccans have the pentacle. Non-Wiccans often misunderstand and fear this symbol, thinking it’s Satanic. You should know by now that it’s all misinformation and if anything, it’s a symbol of your love for Nature. The pentacle represents good and pure and white magick, light and love, representing the North, South, East, West and the Spirit. It also represents the Earth, Water, Air, the Spirit and the Divine. Encased within a circle, it means wholeness and unity of all quadrants and the elements and our love for Nature.

    Other than being a symbol of your beliefs, a pentacle necklace, bracelet, earrings, or clothing will not only protect you but it will also repel negative energy, which is a no-no in Wicca.

    So there you have it, the 10 steps you need to master before you can even call yourself an honest-to-goodness Wiccan. :)

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    where is a good place to learn online. The site i was using is no longer in service…

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