How To Read Rune Stones in 10 Quick Steps

How To Read Rune Stones in 10 Quick Steps

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If you’ve always wanted to learn how to cast or read rune stones but you just don’t know where to start, then this guide is for you.

Runestones are tools to enlighten you when you have questions about your past, present, and future. They also help you address an issue or a problem that you have. 

This is fairly easy to do… what requires skill though is the way you interpret the rune you pick out.

1. The first thing that you should do is to get in the mindset or rune casting.

Clear your head, perform a smudging ritual and perform a cleansing ritual.

You are coming into rune casting to understand messages from the Divine which you cannot do with a cluttered mind.

What’s more, any negative vibrations you put out will create blockages that will prevent messages from the Divine coming through.

2. Afterward, place a clean, white cloth on the place where you will be placing the runes.

This is what you call your rune reading sheet. It is where you will place your rune stones during the casting.

A white cloth is best for clarity and purity. And you should only use the cloth for rune reading purposes only.

3. Now is the time to think about your purpose for this reading. What are you trying to find out?

Formulate your questions clearly. You can even write down a list of questions on a piece of paper and place so you don’t forget anything during the reading.

 Examples of questions are:

  • “Should I continue to spend time with these people?”

  • “Who should I turn to to help resolve this problem?”

  • “What course should I take?”

  • “Who do I choose to keep in my life?”

  • “Will I get in the school I applied to?”

  • “Will the court rule in my favor?

    4. Now, you can say the questions out loud.

    Take at least a minute or two on your question so you can then transfer this energy of the question to the rune stones.

    5. Place the rune stones in the small pouch that they come with and mix them up. Shake them up a bit and focus on the question you have as you do this.

    6. Pour the stones on the cloth.

    Keep them face down so you don’t see any of the symbols. One thing you have to know is that a negative rune is one that is upside down and a positive one (a clear one) is right side up.

    7. Pick 3 rune stones for a simple reading.

    Don’t haphazardly pick rune stones but wait and see which of all runestones are calling to you.

    As you pick each one, flip it over.

    Place the first rune stone on the right.

    Pick out the second one and place it in the middle.

    Place the third on the leftmost part of the sequence.

    8. The first rune stone on the right represents your current situation.

    The second rune in the middle represents the challenge that you should address.

    The third rune represents the action you need to take or the decision you need to make.

    9. If you want a more detailed reading, pick out 5 rune stones.

    Arrange the 5 rune stones like this:

    10. Start with one stone in the middle and then one to the left, then one below etc. (just like the image above)

    Stone #1 represents your current issue. If the stone is negative or if it doesn’t seem to make any sense, it's probably because you are confused right now or because you are troubled. It’s often better to start with a new spread.

    Stone #2 represents your past. What you have gone through and what has brought you to your current situation.

    Stone #3 is what you need to deal with. If it’s a negative stone, it represents an obstacle you need to overcome.

    Stone #4 represents the stuff you need to accept or the things that you cannot change. So it’s best to deal with it.

    Stone #5 represents what to expect after dealing with the things stone 3 shows and accepted the things stone 4 shows.

    To advance your rune casting reading skills, you can learn what the meaning behind each runic alphabet is. It will speed up rune reading and also open your mind up to the possible meanings of each rune you pick out.

    Rune reading is a skill. And a skill is something you need to practice all the time to hone.

    What’s awesome is that you don’t need much to perform it.

    Just your rune stone set will include the rune stones, the pouch, and the cloth.

    Some will even include a guide.

    How many times were you stumped by an issue or a challenge in your life? It’s human to be confused and not know how to proceed. Life -- even a witch’s life -- doesn’t come with a roadmap after all.

    The beauty of being a witch is that we are hyper-aware of the presence of the Divine and the vibrations and messages they lay out for us.

    If you know how to read rune stones, you are bridging communication gaps between you and the Divine... and the knowledge sets you free.

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    Jacqueline Walter

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