How To Get Over The Negative Patterns That Are Holding You Back

How To Get Over The Negative Patterns That Are Holding You Back


Everyone goes through bad experiences in life - you can get fired, fail school, lose friends, get cheated on, break up with your partner or file for divorce, raise children on your own, lose a loved one to a sickness or get sick yourself, get into an accident, become disabled, go into debt, and get addicted to drinking, drugs, or gambling.

Sometimes, these bad experiences turn you into a timid, weak, and ineffective, version of yourself.

Here’s what happens:

  • You lose your spark. 
  • You look into the mirror and you don’t recognize yourself. 
  • You lose hope. 
  • You fall into a depression. 
  • You feel like you do not deserve more.
  • You feel like it’s wrong to want more. 
  • You lose the desire to go after your dreams.
  • You lose sight of your goals.
  • You stop asking for what you need.

This negative thought pattern is like quicksand - you can get trapped in it and become helpless.

And if you don’t save yourself from it, you'll just sink deeper and deeper into the sand.

If you recognize this happening to you, you better act now before it’s too late.

If there’s one thing you should realize, it is that the power to save yourself rests within you. You just need to reach inside of you and awaken yourself to your personal power.

The Pentacle of the Black Onyx is a necklace of self-mastery and inner-strength, making it the perfect companion during times of difficulty.

Here's how it can help you:

With Sagging Energy

It you feel energy loss, a Pentacle can help stop the draining of energy. And reinvigorate you with positive energy.

With Your Self Confidence

The Pentacle of the Black Onyx will fortify your confidence. People who, upon receiving the Pentacle of the Black Onyx, report an immediate rush of positive energy - like something came over them. And they surprise themselves by how they act in the following days!

With Overcoming Anxiety

If you are suffering from worries and anxieties, a powerful Pentacle will stabilize your fears and worries, so that you are able to put them in proper perspective. And realize that worry really accomplishes nothing!

With Getting Out Of Depression

If you are depressed, a Pentacle has amazing healing properties to banish negative thought patterns, heal your emotional wounds, and mend your broken spirit. It will take what negative energy it can take and transform it to positive energy!

With Recovering From Physical Illness

If you are sick, a Pentacle will jumpstart the healing of your physical wounds and ailments. It is specifically used for issues with bones and teeth, blood disorders, epilepsy, skin ailments, cell damage, eye problems, and wounds that are slow to heal.

With A Strong Balanced Ego

The Pentacle of the Black Onyx supports your ego and encourages healthy egotism.

You will notice the belief in yourself slowly start to come back and your ego being repaired. Just hold on to your Pentacle of the Black Onyx pendant and never take it off, to reap its full benefits.

With Protection

A Pentacle is especially useful to someone who practices magick because it protects you from negativity directed towards you like hexes and curses; especially when you are at your most vulnerable during your rituals and divination practice.

With Keeping You Grounded

The Pentacle of the Black Onyx is a grounding necklace - it will keep you grounded to reality so you will never again be carried away by your negative thoughts.

The Pentacle of the Black Onyx

There may be a lot of Pentacle necklaces…

...But there is nothing quite like this!

A lot of people have been helped by the Pentacle of the Black Onyx, and when you see what other people are saying, you will know just how much good it will bring into your life.

See what they are saying here:

Get out of the Quicksand!

If you charge it with your intentions, you are taking steps to get out of the quicksand I talked about earlier…

…And why wouldn’t you want that?

The more you wear your Pentacle of the Black Onyx necklace, the stronger it becomes. It'll start to vibrate in your own unique frequency and help you heal and stand your ground.

Handmade in the USA

What makes the Pentacle of the Black Onyx cooler is that it is handmade in the USA (not China) and made of high quality materials (because it’s made here), to ensure that it lasts a lifetime!

Ideal for Hypersensitive Skin

It is also made from nickel-free and lead free pewter, so it will not cause allergic reactions in hypersensitive people.

So if you have trouble with energy, depression, relationships, confidence, ego and health, then you should definitively go and order your very own Pentacle of the Black Onyx today.

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I can’t wait to see what the necklace will do

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