How To Get Your Dragon Guardian To Trust You

How To Get Your Dragon Guardian To Trust You


A lot of people wonder about the use of guardians in our lives. I mean, even when we are old and mature adults, we could still make use of guidance from our guardians.

To Catholics, they have their guardian angels. To us Wiccans, we have our Spirit Guides and Animal Guides.

One fiercely protective and powerful spirit guide is the dragon guardian. Dragon guardians are the gatekeepers of the Fae Realm. So you get an idea of how tough they are.

If you are able to communicate with your dragon guardian, know that you are very lucky. If not, there is always hope for you because there are dragons all around us. The trick is to gain their trust and win them over.

Of course, dragon guardians won’t just show themselves to anyone who they feel is not ready.

It is true what they say, that those who walk the Draconian path are enlightened and disciplined.

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How To Gain The Trust Of Your Dragon Guardian

So I am sure you’d wanna know how to gain the trust of your dragon guardian. You have to know that this takes time, consistency, and discipline.

Step #1 Live a disciplined life

This means no addictions to junk, cigarettes, alcohol, living by the Wiccan Rede and the Threefold Law. The dragon guardian should see that they are not going to waste their time on someone who clearly is not ready for the straight path.

Step#2 Make offerings to your dragon

Asking for your dragon guardian’s presence in your life is like asking a human to be a part of your life. It does involve some presents, offerings, tokens, sincere talks, and a pure heart. You have to make your intention clear about how much you want and need them in your life.


Here are some ideas for offerings you can do to win over your dragon guardian:

  • Light dragon’s blood incense in your house
  • Write a letter to your dragon guardian using dragon’s blood ink
  • Have a dragon guardian chalice sitting on your altar, use it to make a liquid offering to your dragon guardian
  • Light a dragon guardian candle on your altar as you meditate on your request to have a dragon guardian in your life

You can have a special altar for your dragon guardian. Where you can decorate it with items purely for the appreciation of your dragon guardian.

Step # 3 Surround yourself with images of your dragon

Many Wiccans went so far as to surround themselves with images of the dragon guardian, like wearing dragon shirts, sleeping on dragon pillows, drinking from dragon mugs. All of this for the purpose of immersing themselves in the energies of the dragons. And this has been very successful in drawing their dragon guardians towards them and communicate

Step # 4 Wear a dragon necklace or amulet or ring

Like I said, this request takes consistency. You have to have your dragon guardian in your thoughts every day. This is also a welcome to your dragon guardian in your daily life so it will be easy for your dragon guardian to enter your life too.

Wearing a dragon guardian amulet or necklace is one powerful way to make your intentions clear. Your dragon guardian necklace or amulet will fall somewhere over your heart, which sends a tidal wave of a message to the dragons around you.

As you do all of these, make sure to keep an ear and eye out for any of the signs that your dragon guardian is trying to communicate with you. Pay attention to energy changes in your surroundings. Is there a change in atmosphere in your house? That could be your dragon guardian reaching out to you. Once you’ve established that they’re trying to make their presence felt, you can try communicating with them and inviting them in your spell casting and rituals.

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To some people, it could take years, and to some, it could take just weeks. So what are you waiting for? The time you take not trying to gain the trust of your dragon guardian is time lost in winning your dragon guardian over!

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July 18, 2020

I’ve had a dragon guardian for years. I used to be able to see her more often, but for some reason our connection is weaker, I’ve just begin to wonder if one of the people that was around back when it began might have something to do with it. He was totally dark and had stolen the energy of the dead and imprisoned demons for his own twistedness. Could he have done something to hurt my connection with her, to hurt me, since he knew about her?


March 20, 2020

Nice stuff

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