How To Cast and Close a Circle

How To Cast and Close a Circle


A lot of you who are still starting out on the Wiccan path wonder about the correct way to cast a circle. We have all been there where we ask ourselves:

“Is there a wrong way to cast a circle?”
“Does a scraggly circle weaken a spell?”
“What do I use to cast a circle with?”

The fact that you wanna do it the right way, makes it a necessary part of your learning process.


You may ask yourself, “Is it really necessary?” The answer is a resounding YES. Before you do any spellwork or ritual, it is very important to cast a circle. Why? Because it will serve as your portal to the realm of the deities and your protection from the evil forces.

When you are casting your spell or performing a ritual, you are at your MOST VULNERABLE. So you definitely need the protection of a circle.


Where you cast your circle depends on where you are doing your magick: indoors, outdoors, in your room, or in front of your altar; any place without distractions where you can focus. There is no perfect place to cast your circle. You don’t need to go into the forest.


Witches usually cast their circle using an athame, but if you don’t have one, you may do so using a wand.


Before you cast a circle, you better make sure to tidy up the place where you are going to cast it. This means you tidy it up physically and metaphysically by sweeping the area with your besom and smudging with a smudge stick. Any smudge stick with a blend of white sage is best.

All the tools you need for your spell should be inside the circle. There is no pausing the spell to get something that you forgot. That will really make what you are doing ineffective.



Using your wand, you physically determine the bounds of your circle by drawing it on the floor. Your circle should be wide enough for your to stretch out in. Also, the circle should be as perfect as possible. It should be a circle, not a triangle or any other shape.

If you are doing this outdoors, you may use pebbles to line your circle. You may also use gemstones at each cardinal direction.

Wand of Wisdom and Wand of Dreams from The Moonlight Shop


Once again, once you start your spell or ritual, you should not leave the circle; for that will just break the connection you have created.

Walk around the circle three times to keep the evil spirits out.

Now, state the purpose of the circle. This is the time to invoke the deities you wish to ask help from and begin your spell casting or ritual.

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Once you’re done with your spell or ritual, you may close the circle. This is done by first giving thanks to the deities, the Divine, and also all the Elements and then drawing the circle in reverse by walking counterclockwise in the circle and visualizing your wand absorbing the borders of the circle.

I do hope this helps you! If you have more questions, please leave them in the comments section below. :)

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Anne Elizabeth
Anne Elizabeth

February 15, 2023

I prefer to smudge with a more ancient herb, white birch bark. At Yule, its traditional to bring in a years supply of ehite birch. Since, wise women of ancient Europe typically lived in small, thatched roof cottages, there clearly wasnt room for a years supply of logs, rather they brought in a years supply of BARK, which is even stronger for smudging, it slso serves a double purpose. It cntains natural oils thwt when smoking, are an all-natyral incecticide, which in a cottage of wattle and daub, there may be scores of insects, including the fleas that caused the bubonic and pneumonic plague during the middle ages.
Keep in mind that in ancient times, people lived amongst their livestock, and you will see the great wisdom in the use of white birch bark for smudging.

Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith

August 26, 2022

I’ve been celebrating the Sabbats alone and doing my own little moon rituals. But word got out. Now I’m being asked to clean houses of malevolent spirits, read tarot, aurora and do energy work. I’m an introvert but I’m happy to help these people for sure! Question is, how do I know I’m doing it correctly? I’ve been reading books mostly and now turn to the internet mostly w the anxiety of it all. Any suggestions would be well received. Blessed be.


January 15, 2021

You recommend using white sage in this post yet that is a closed practice. To anyone reading this comment, other forms of sage other than white along with other smudge sticks can also be powerful. Such as lavender, pine, cinnamon, rosemary, cedar, and more. Personally, I use incense such as dragonsblood and frankincense.

Theresa Mora
Theresa Mora

August 25, 2020

I have been very interested in this for many years, I think this would be good to try.

sam parker
sam parker

October 30, 2019

i am working on a return to sender spell. i believe it’s necessary to cut or break my circle, in order to release the energy. how can i do this? or, if there is a better way to cast a return to sender.

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