Discover Your Wiccan Name Right Now

Discover Your Wiccan Name Right Now

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Choosing a Wiccan name is not just making one up.

Trust that a witch’s name was carefully thought out and was not pieced together carelessly.

A Wiccan name must be discovered and unearthed, like the earth’s secrets or bones on an archeological site.

The Divine actually gave you your true name at the moment you were born.

Maybe you just started on the Wiccan path or you didn’t know about this and It has been covered up after all these years…

...but your true Wiccan name is still there, waiting to be discovered.

And like the ancient bones and the secrets of the earth, your Wiccan name holds great power and beauty.

The moment you discover your true name is the moment of coming into your own great personal power.

Your Name

People spend months, even years, picking the perfect name for their babies or their pets. And when that human or animal has been given a name, it says a lot of things about them.

We don’t really know people unless we know their names. And if we know their names, we feel we do know them.

Why Discover Your Wiccan Name

If you already have your name, why even bother to discover your Wiccan name? Well, that’s because you did not pick your name.

To name yourself is to identify who you are, to know yourself, and to give yourself great power.

How to Discover Your Wiccan Name

To discover your Wiccan name, you have to set aside time to reflect on your life, your qualities, and your hurts and joys.

What are your likes? (the color black, the color purple, honey, candles)

What do you think of at night? (dancing, singing, the moon)

When are you at your happiest? (Imbolc, Ostara, Lammas)

What herbs and spices are you drawn to? (lavender, chrysanthemum, cinnamon)

What spells do you often cast? (relaxation spell, good luck spell, healing spell)

What thing most represents you? (like your pentacle, the moon or cat amulet)

What special power do you think you have? (reading auras, reading minds, positive energy)

What kind of magick do you like performing? (tarot card reading, crystal ball gazing, wand spells)

What symbols are you drawn to? (dreamcatcher, triquetra, crescent moon)

What crystals are your favorites? (ruby, topaz, onyx, garnet)

When you remove the dust and debris of ages, and have a clear understanding of yourself, you will find your Wiccan name shining there like a crystal or gemstone within you.

Magick After Discovering Your Wiccan Name

Your thoughts are powerful and so are your words. Your words are a powerful magickal tool. Your words, affirming, cast a spell.

So imagine referring to yourself in your Wiccan name…

...that every time you say your name or hear it, you’re reminded of who you choose to be.

And every time someone else says your Wiccan name, the energy moves within both of you.

The Universe also shifts to help you be true to your name.

The more you speak your Wiccan name, the more you align yourself with the Divine...

...and the more you are aligned with the Divine, the more magickal power you are accessing.

Your Wiccan name is the name aligned with your Divine Essence. It is your true name. Claim it and discover your true power.

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Angela Hess
Angela Hess

October 21, 2019

Please Send Me Names Of People That Are Wiccans. Thanks

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