Your Guide To Celebrating Mabon

Your Guide To Celebrating Mabon

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Mabon is a celebration of the second harvest and the circle of life. This marks the time when harvest is almost over and the fields are almost empty and whatever that was harvested is now stored in preparation for winter or Yule. 

Mabon also marks the time when daylight and nighttime are at equal lengths. But the soil is getting hard and cold and there won’t be any more planting at this time since the Earth is also preparing for winter. 

Mabon was very special to our ancestors and should be special to us Wiccans. You should take time to reflect and and be grateful for the abundance in our lives and how we have always been provided with food to eat and shelter to live in by the Earth Goddess.

As a Wiccan attuned to the seasons and the turning of the year, take time to celebrate Mabon and ponder how you want your life to be from hereonout. We will give you some suggestions on how to decorate your altar for Mabon, what food to prepare, and rituals to perform. 

Mabon Altar Decoration 

Your Mabon altar should contain the colors of autumn--which means yellows, oranges, browns, and greens. And autumn symbols like sickles, scythes, and baskets.

You should also have herbs, leaves, and flowers on your altar that also reflect the season like sunflowers, mistletoes, chamomile, passionflower, oak, and yarrow. 

Light some incense on your altar or do smudge with some sage and sweetgrass herbs. 

Mabon Food Preparation 

The food to prepare when you celebrate Mabon should be something along the line of harvest crops like corn muffins, wheat bread, squash soup, pomegranate drink, apple pies, apple chips, pumpkin seeds, and root vegetables.


Mabon Gemstone Correspondence

Gemstones on your person also helps you keep in tune with the meaning of the season and help you clear your path in preparation for the next season. The perfect crystals or gemstones are clear quartz, amber, peridot, diamond, and yellow topaz.

Mabon Symbols


It’s time to whip out the symbols that help you gain the wisdom of your ancestors, help you banish negative energies and habits, and prepare you for new beginnings. You should wear them around your neck or have them with you at all times not only during your celebration but also for the rest of the season.

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Mabon Ritual

This solitary or group ritual is done to give thanks for all the blessings and to express your deepest gratitude.

You will need:

  • A gold or green candle
  • Negativity-banishing soap

What you should do: 

  1. Take a cleansing bath preferably with negativity-banishing soap and think about the good and abundant things in your life. Just focus on the positive things and allow yourself to be filled with gratitude.
  2. Process to your altar.
  3. Cast a circle.
  4. Light your gold or green candle.
  5. As you focus your gaze onto the flame, meditate about abundance and gratitude.
  6. Call upon your deity and say something like this:

    "[Mother goddess], please join me in this holy circle,
    as I am showing my gratitude and giving my thanks
    Blessed Be!"

  7. Start saying your thanks. For example: 

    "[Mother Goddess], I thank you for bringing me good health."
    "[Mother Goddess], I thank you for giving me a house to live in."
    “[Mother Goddess], I thank you for crops to harvest and food on the table.”
    "[Mother Goddess], I thank you for keeping my family healthy and safe."
    (you can keep adding to this..)
    " I am grateful for that which I have.
    I am not sorrowful for that which I do not.
    I have more than others, less than some,
    but regardless, I am blessed with what is mine."

  8. Say your thanks to your Deity and bid her or him farewell.
  9. Close the circle.
  10. You may begin your Mabon feast. 

Do not let the act of gratitude escape you after Mabon.

For one important lesson of Mabon is that gratitude is something you should practice every day because the Goddess has provided everything may need and placed it all around you.

We wish you a happy and heart-warming Mabon! :) Blessed be!

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Pamela Maas
Pamela Maas

October 10, 2022

Thank you for your blog. I learn and use the info so much. Thank you again! Blessed be!

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