Cat's Eye? Calf's Snout? Eye of Newt?!

Cat's Eye? Calf's Snout? Eye of Newt?!

Am I really going to get a cat’s eye for this spell? You are not alone is asking that question. At one point, we were the person asking that question. It is very alarming, isn’t it? Especially since we love our cats and there is no better relationship than the relationship that a witch has with his or her cat.

And then there’s the dragon’s claw. How in the world would we get a dragon’s claw? So I’ll win over my dragon guardian and then ask for his claw? Won’t I get in trouble for that?

Hey, these questions are normal especially when you are just starting out. And let me tell you, the cat’s eye, dragon’s claw, eye of newt, and what have you are all ANCIENT NAMES for herbs and should not be taken literally! Our ancestors gave special names to herbs and plants, and some kind of names they gave them, right? Well, they used codes to protect their recipes.

Witches really have a wicked sense of humor. This is probably why people thought witches ate babies, for crying out loud! Someone must have overheard them or chanced upon a list of ingredients for their brew, potion, or spell, and the rest is history!

Here’s a list of herbs and their ancient names beside their actual names:

Adders Tongue / Adder’s Tongue Fern

Bear’s Foot / Hellbore

Bird’s Eye / Speedwell

Blood / Elder sap

Blood of a Goose / A Mulberry Tree’s Milk

Bull’s Foot / Coltsfoot

Bull’s Eyes / Marigold

Calf’s Snout / Toadflax

Cat’s Eye / Star Scabious

Cat’s Foot / Snake Root

Cat’s Paw / Ground Ivy

Crow’s Foot / Cranesbill

Donkey’s Eyes / Cowage Plant

Dragon’s Claw / Crawley Root

Dove’s Foot / Wild Geranium

Eye of Newt/ Mustard Seed

Frog’s Foot / Bulbous Buttercup

Fairy Fingers / Foxglove

Hare’s Foot / Clover

Horse Tail / Scouring Rush

Pig’s Snout / Dandelion

Witch's Brew Mug from The Moonlight Shop

Our ancestors gave as many coded ancient names as there are herbs! So these are just a few of the most alarming ones and there are more out there. Just when you thought the ancient witches did not have a way to express wit. Doesn’t this make you so proud to be a witch? :)

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