A Guide to Separating Cults from Faith

A Guide to Separating Cults from Faith

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These modern nights have seen resurgence in Earth-Goddess worship, Wicca, and other pagan faiths. Mainstream religions have splintered into hundreds of sub-groups for the faithful. This phenomenon provides individuals with the unique opportunity to find a path that truly speaks to them. 

Unfortunately, with the acceptance of so many different faiths comes confusion. Evil breeds in the hearts of many, and these people use the current environment of free spirituality to manipulate and corrupt the spirits of others. Many people, feeling abandoned by their current faith and having no idea where to turn for spiritual guidance, fall prey to unholy predators that lure the innocent into their cults.

What should the would-be faithful look for before forming a loyalty to any spiritual path? The most important test is whether or not the doctrine speaks to you, makes sense to you, and feels right to you. The soul knows itself; therefore the selection of faith is more a matter of instinct than logic. Unfortunately, those who are most often trapped by cults have lost touch with their instinct. Their minds have been twisted by the illogical logic of their charismatic leaders. So, we must itemize for the logical mind the warnings and signs to open up the instinctive mind to the truth.


Are you afraid or embarrasses to tell your friends and family about your choice? Are there things about your new faith you would be ashamed of? Are the leaders of the faith telling you that certain tenets must be kept secret? Then I tell you this is not faith, but a cult. True Faith is honest and beautiful, and a joy to be shared. That which hides in darkness can never provide the soul light to find its path.


If your leaders expound a “with us or against us doctrine,” if philosophical questions are condemned as heresy, if groups outside of yours are declared evil and unworthy, I tell you to run. Your leaders will try to tell you that they are the chosen and to listen to no other, that they are all heathens going to hell. But close your eyes and imagine a world overrun by such groups, all believing that only they are right and all others are not only wrong, but evil. Then open your eyes and run.


True faith recognizes the sanctity of life.  “An as ye harm none, do as ye will.”  If the tenets preached encourage violence and hatred, if they allow for the abuse of your children, if they allow for the subjugation of one group to another, if cruelty is acceptable in the name of whichever god is followed, then do not let your heart become poisoned. Leave the place where such evil has taken root and plant your soul to grow elsewhere.


This is not equality in political or social terms. We are not talking about religions where women are banned from the priesthood, or religions where leadership is inherited at birth, or any other social or political structure. I speak of how members treat EACH OTHER. Is each person valuable? Do the tenets of the faith apply to everyone? Or is one group or person given more leniency than another? Are others expected to sacrifice for one person who is considered “more important”? Do the majority live in suffering while the elite feed of the tithes and collections pulled from the masses? Are individuals free to disagree? Do the leaders forcibly impose their will on the unwilling? 


You should be free to read, study, and question. Do the leaders focus exclusively and three or force verses in the Bible that suit them, ignoring everything else? Are the holy texts of the faith available in languages you can read? Are you encouraged to read them? Faith cannot be based on one pretty verse. It is woven from the knowledge discovered by thinking, maturing, and growing.  If you ask questions, you must receive answers. If those with the answers will not share them, seek the answers elsewhere and leave them to their secrets. 

Once these tests have been passed, the logical mind can safely move aside and allow the instinctive mind to make a final decision. Instinct is the root of the soul…plant it wisely.

About the author: Alana D. Frazier is a copywriter at the coursework writing service. Besides, she is fond of learning something new so that she tries to keep up with advancing technologies. Besides, she attends different conferences and presentations to improve her skills.

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Kit Cunningham

June 11, 2020

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