6 Easy Ways To Celebrate Mabon

6 Easy Ways To Celebrate Mabon


Mabon is the Wiccan Sabbat of thanksgiving. It is celebrated by witches across the world with careful planning and preparation.

But if you're too busy to get into all the details, here are 6 easy ways to celebrate Mabon!

1. Decorate your altar and your whole home

What's better than sprucing up your altar for Mabon? Decorating your entire house, of course! Mabon is rich in symbolism - from apples to acorns to horns of plenty.

For your altar, you can put a sickle or an ear of corn as a symbol of abundance. Because the latter months of the year are ruled by the Crone Goddess, you can put up her image on your altar wall. Change your curtains to bright autumn colors, such as red, yellow, and orange. You can put autumn symbols out in the yard, like bales of hay and colorful leaves. The possibilities are endless!

2. Have a thanksgiving feast

A feast may sound extravagant, but it can be as simple as having a few friends over and having a potluck! If you have a backyard or a patio, you can plan a nice evening with food and wine.

Of course, no Mabon feast is complete without fruits and vegetables that are in season. Grains, like corn and rice, are popular ingredients in several Mabon recipes. Desserts involving apples are a must!

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3. Donate to your local food bank or shelter

Because Mabon is a time of gratitude, it would also be good to share your blessings to the community. After all, one of the core values of Wiccans is a deep sense of connection to the Earth and every living thing in it. When it comes to practicing kindness, a little goes a long way!

If you're short on funds but sufficient in friends, then tap the power of teamwork! Have every friend donate one or two canned goods or other non-perishable items. When you've accumulated enough, go to your local food bank or homeless shelter. This will be a super meaningful way to celebrate the season of abundance!

4. Go apple picking

Apples are a wonderful symbol of the harvest season. It represents the abundance of autumn, when farmers would gather the crops and grains that they've worked hard for. The bright colors of the apple coincide with the crisp, vivid colors of the fall. Plus, an apple cut sideways reveals a pentacle - another beautiful Wiccan symbol!

For Mabon, you can go with your friends or family to an orchard. Pick the apples you will need, give thanks to Pomona, the goddess of fruit trees, bake a delicious apple pie when you get home, and preserve the rest for the cold winter months.

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5. Celebrate your personal harvest

A personal harvest refers to all your enriching life experiences since the beginning of the year. As you recount all the challenges that you've hurdled in the last several months, you will allow yourself to be grateful. This also serves as a personal challenge to become better next year.

One way to do a personal harvest is to start a gratitude journal. On your Book of Shadows, list down all the things you are thankful for - from the little things to your greatest achievements. It can be as simple as being grateful for being able to get out of bed in the morning!

6. Go for a walk in the woods

As much as Mabon is a time of abundance and thanksgiving, it is also about finding balance in nature. Because of the fast-paced modern world, it's easy to lose grounding. This is part of the reason why many people are so overwhelmed and lonely, despite technology offering countless distractions.

Mabon is the perfect time to go out and commune with nature. Take a walk in the woods and reflect on the months that have passed. If you're feeling extra adventurous, take a camping trip! This will give you more time to have your date with nature. Don't forget to bring a notebook and maybe a camera, so you can record your thoughts, reflections, and resolutions!

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Mildred M Baker
Mildred M Baker

September 12, 2020

Awesome advice as always thank you and have a blessed Mahon….)0(

Margaret Hershberger
Margaret Hershberger

September 12, 2020

Thank You for the awesome advice. It will be beautiful,and fun way to celebrate MABON.

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