5 Alternatives To Wearing A Pentacle Necklace If You Don't Wanna Cause A Stir Due To Your Beliefs

5 Alternatives To Wearing A Pentacle Necklace If You Don't Wanna Cause A Stir Due To Your Beliefs

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There are many Wiccans who do not like to wear a pentacle necklace because they are not comfortable with sharing their beliefs. And there are also those who CANNOT wear a pentacle necklace for family and societal reasons.

A lot of Wiccans among us still have to hide their faith and still have one foot in the broom closet (*wink) simply because not every Wiccan belongs to an open minded family and community. Being peaceful beings that we are, Wiccans do not like to bump heads with anyone who do not understand their belief.

A Pentacle necklace, compared to other Wiccan accessories have the power to stun non-Wiccans. Because they think you can put a hex on them using a pentacle necklace, or a beam of light will come out of your pentacle and swallow them whole! Whatever it is, it is surely very imaginative.

For those of you who would like to take the subtle road to expression, here are 5 alternatives to wearing a pentacle necklace:

  • Pentacle Belly Button Ring

  • A Pentacle Belly Button Ring is something that you can hide under your shirt and it will remain hidden there. Unlike a pentacle necklace where you can place it under your collar and then pull it out again. A stainless steel Pentacle Belly Ring is something you can have with you at all times, you do not have to remove it before bathing or before sleeping. It is there protecting you at all times!

  • Pentacle Clothing

  • A Pentacle T-Shirt or Hoodie may cover a wider area than the pentacle necklace, but it is somehow less imposing. Why? Because a pentacle t-shirt will usually feature a fun design that throws off the “scare factor” of the image of the pentacle. Nothing scary or demonic like that.


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  • Pentacle Earrings

  • Pentacle Earrings are another alternative to wearing a pentacle necklace. They are much smaller and can be tucked behind your hair, if the situation calls for it. Pentacle Earrings usually come with gemstones and crystals, which softens the look of the accessory. 


  • Pentacle Rings

  • Wearing a pentacle ring is also a subtle form of expression. You can wear it either way, with the top facing you or the top facing away from you. Many Wiccans prefer to wear it with the top point facing them so when people catch a glimpse of it, they do not see an inverted pentacle.


  • An Affirmation Necklace

  • If you wanna steer clear of any pentacle symbols on your body, why not opt for an affirmation necklace? An affirmation necklace, just like the pentacle necklace can still reflect your Wiccan beliefs. The best ones reflect your Wiccan beliefs in the form of affirmations.

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    This is not a list created to make other non-Wiccans comfortable with your belief. These are also not listed just so you can better hide your beliefs. No, not at all. These are just ideas as to how you can express yourself in a more subtle manner and you are not quite ready to tell everyone about your beliefs yet.

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    May 06, 2020


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