A New Moon Ritual

A New Moon Ritual


The moon is probably the most important heavenly body to us Wiccans. It is the heavenly body closest to us. We draw on the Moon’s power for magick, and we cast our spells according to her cycles.

The moon’s energy is highest during a Full Moon and a New Moon. In the ancient times, the first sight of the moon was a reason for celebration. It signified that the dark had passed, and the full moon is soon to come.

What is the New Moon

The New Moon is the crescent Moon formed when we see the first peak of light. This is a time of all things new. The energy of this phase promotes new beginnings on all aspects. It’s the beginning of relationships, the beginning of a new career, and the beginning of a new way of thinking. This is the time for change and the time for new opportunities and ideas. It is the time for rebirth and a new life.

New Moon Ritual

New Moon workings can be done from the day of the new moon to three days after. Spells performed according to the new moon are for new beginnings, love, health, and career opportunities.

This ritual is to welcome the moon back. It’s best if you perform this outside under the light of the New Moon, facing the west. You can do this as a group or alone. It doesn’t matter.

You will need:


  1. Set up your altar with silvers and whites.
  2. Perform smudging to purify the area.
  3. Cast a circle.
  4. Get your Moon Candle. Wrap it in black cloth, and place it on your altar.
  5. Look up to find the New Moon.
  6. Once you find it, unwrap the candle and hold it high and say:

             “Welcome back, Moon!
              We're glad to see you again.
              Another cycle has passed
              another month gone by
              and our lives have moved forward.”

  1. Place the candle on the altar and light it, still facing the moon. Say:

               “Today is a new day,
                and a new month begins.
               As the tides flow, and the moon rises above,
               we are thankful that She has returned.
               She watches over us, ever constant,
               yet always changing,
               and we are thankful for her light.”

  1. Next, turn to face east, where the sun will rise in the morning. Pick up the mirror and hold it so you can see the new moon behind you. Say:

               “Bring us your wisdom, your guidance,
               your protection, in the coming month.
               You are behind me at every step,
               watching and guiding me,
               and I am thankful.”

     9. Place the mirror back on the altar, beside the moon candle.

    10. Now this is a time for reflection and expressing gratitude. On the first piece of paper, write down all the things that you are thankful for. Give yourself time to reflect on what you have written. Give thanks to the Goddess for all of which you have received. Burn it with the flame of the white candle.

    11. On the second piece of paper, write down all the things you have not been doing right lately. This includes mistakes and errors that have hurt not only you but also others. Forgive yourself and release all the negative energies you have within. Ask the Goddess for help in correcting your mistakes and improvement in those areas. Burn the piece of paper.

    12. On the third piece of paper, write down the things you want to have in your life. Write down your goals, dreams, desires and hopes. Ask the Goddess for help in accomplishing all that you have written. Keep this list with you until the next New Moon.

    13. Warm the Blessing Oil over the candle for just a moment, and then anoint your forehead and wish for yourself the blessings of the moon.

    14. When you are ready, blow out the candle. Then close the circle and end the ritual.

 Do you have a ritual prepared for the coming New Moon?

 Share it with us in the comments section below!

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Sharon Kitchel
Sharon Kitchel

December 15, 2019

Thank this reminded me of a time in the past when I was with a group of women who came together for Full Moon circle and for thirteen medicine women came together for New Moon circle …..I realize how much I miss that. Goddess energy is so much a part of my life. Being drawn to a group close by so her is to new reaching out and new beginnings. Thank you so very much … Blessed Be 💜💜💜💜🦋🦋🦋


December 15, 2019

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December 15, 2019

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Louella Martinez
Louella Martinez

December 15, 2019

I think this information is so awesome. And yes I would like to learn more, and receive the newsletter. I would be over joyed for this!!!

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