3 Spells To Cast With Your Pentacle Necklace

3 Spells To Cast With Your Pentacle Necklace


Pentacle Spell To Turn Your Wish Into A Reality

The first thing you should do before attempting this pentacle spell is to think about what you really want. What you want to happen should be clear in your head. Something like, “I want money,” or “I want a fit body,” or “I want to have a boyfriend.” 

What you will need:

  • Your pentacle necklace

  • A piece of paper

  • A pen

Pentacles from The Moonlight Shop

What you need to do:

  1. Wear your pentacle necklace around your neck. It should remain there at all times. 

  2. Using the pen, draw a pentacle on the piece of paper. 

  3. At the top point, write down “I,” which stands for who gets the wish.

  4. At the next point going clockwise, write down what you want. You can use symbols instead of words if you want. 

  5. At the next point, write down the place where you want your wish to be granted like at work, in your bank account, or at the gym. 

  6. At the next point, write down when you want this wish to become a reality. It is best to put a date that is not too soon. It takes time for a wish to become a reality. 

  7. At the last point, write down why you want this wish to come true. Also include why you think you deserve it. 

  8. Take a look at what you have made. 

  9. Looking at the drawing, hold on to your pentacle necklace and say out loud what you want to become a reality. Do this 3 times. This act will infuse your drawing with the energy of your desire. 

  10. Place the drawing where you can see it every day and whenever you pass the drawing, take in all the symbols you’ve drawn and the words you have written on the piece of paper. 

  11. Wait for the time come when you find the drawing to be annoying. Why? Because it means it is now ready to be released.

  12. Holding on to your pentacle necklace, say your wish 3 times. 

  13. Then, throw your hands in the air and yell your wish out loud. Feel the energy of your wish coming true surrounding you. 

  14. Burn the drawing and wait for your wish to become a reality.

Pentacle Spell To Get Rid Of An Annoying Person Or Thing

This spell is a very simple one that just requires your pentacle necklace. This will not cause harm to anyone and will just get the person or thing out of your way.

  1. Whenever you feel someone or something annoying you, hold on to your pentacle necklace and visualize a pentacle with blue flames on the forehead of the person annoying you or the thing annoying you. 

  2. Say to yourself:

“I banish you,
In the name of the Divine!”

Pentacle Spell To End Depression

What you need:

  • 1 Goddess candle

  • 1 Banishing Black Candle

  • 1 Pink Invoking Candle

  • Incense (Sage, cedar, rosemary or pine)

  • Blessing Oil

  • Matches

  • Your pentacle necklace  (preferably with black onyx)

  • An affirmation necklace

  • Wand

What you need to do:

  1. Place the Goddess candle in the center of the altar.

  2. Place the black candle on the left side of the altar.

  3. Place the pink candle on the right side of the altar. 

  4. Put on your pentacle necklace and the affirmation necklace before starting with your blessing.

  5. Light the incense. 

  6. Anoint the candles with the blessing oil.

  7. Light the black banishing candle and visualize your intent to banish your feelings of depression.

  8. Light the Goddess candle and Invoke joy and self-love while saying:

“Dear mother of wisdom and grace, 
I need your help. 
I choose to banish my depression
and ask for joy and peace of mind. 
Help me in my spell tonight.”
  1. Focus on the flame of the black candle and think of all the things that you need to change. Hold on to your pentacle necklace. Think of the reasons for your depression and pain and acknowledge your anger and your rage. Focus all of these negative feelings into the black candle. 

  2. Shout "NO!" in your loudest voice and and blow the candle out in a quick motion. 

  3. As the smoke rises from the extinguished candle, feel all the negativity dissolving in the air. 

  4. Now light the pink invoking candle. Focus on it and think of all the good things in your life. Hold on to your affirmation necklace. For every negative thought you got rid of, replace it with positive a thing. Think of gratefulness, thankfulness, and happiness. Remember your good qualities. 

  5. Allow the pink candle to burn out by itself. 

  6. Bury what remains of the black candle and the incense in the ground. 

  7. Keep wearing your pentacle and affirmation necklace. 

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October 27, 2019

I have been fighting depression that has also lead to Post traumatic stress disorder since I was 16 years old! I am now 49 and I am tired of the depression and just want to be happy and fulfilled for once in my life. i don’t really remember much before my 16th birthday so here’s to new beginnings! :) I’m going to give this a try. Thank you for sharing this with us.


October 27, 2019

Isufer bad depression going to try this spell thank you for sharing. Blessed be

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