3 mistakes to avoid when buying a new Pentacle

3 mistakes to avoid when buying a new Pentacle

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Buying your very first pentacle necklace is a very special occasion. Your very first pentacle is something you will never forget. Like your first love or your first kiss.

I remember how I was before buying my very first pentacle necklace. There was a lot of researching and lurking done in Wiccan shops online. And it did take me quite a while before I got my very first pentacle necklace, which was the Pentacle of the Black Onyx.  

I was kind of confused between the Pentacle of the Moon and the Pentacle of the Black Onyx. I had the discipline to choose just one. And I was determined to focus and give my time to just one pentacle necklace.

And you know what? I am glad I did. I now have several pentacle necklaces in my collection. Sometimes I wear them all together, but most of the time I just choose one depending on what I need help with for the day. But I will always cherish the time I took to cleanse and bless my very first pentacle necklace and the time I spent with it alone.

I want you to have the very same experience or even more. Here are some mistakes to avoid when buying your very first pentacle necklace:

  • Impulse-buying a pentacle necklace you don’t connect with

  • When you buy your very first pentacle necklace, make sure to read about it first and ask yourself if it is really the one for you. Ask yourself what your purpose is for buying a pentacle necklace. Do you need it mainly for protection? Or do you need it for healing, focusing, or starting over? Ask yourself the important questions. You will most likely regret buying a pentacle necklace (your very first, mind you) on a whim or on a rush without even taking time to think about its properties.

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  • Buying a pentacle necklace with allergenic materials

  • To add to that, when you buy on a whim, you tend to forget checking for things like the material the necklace is made from. If it turns out that you are allergic to the pendant because it has nickel, it will ruin your first experience. You are going to have to write the company and return the necklace. And you are gonna feel itching and burning. What a terrible terrible experience.

    Lead-free pewter pendants are your best bet if you are sensitive. It is hypoallergenic and won’t make you break out in a rash.

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    Lead-free pewter Pentacle of the Black Onyx pendant from the Moonlight Shop

  • Buying a pentacle necklace made in China

  • You’ve heard of horror stories about items made in China. Necklaces made in Chinese factories hardly get the attention to quality that handmade items do. It is always better to buy items that are handmade, because you know that each piece was given its due attention and personal touch by the person who made it. Handmade items are made using hands, obviously, and a heart. There is an energy to them that factory-made items don’t have. And if they’re made in the USA, you can be assured of its quality. :)

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    So there you have it, those are the 3 biggest hurdles in shopping for your very first pentacle necklace. Make sure to avoid these because you are not just shopping to accessorize. This is your spiritual belief we are talking about. So take your time and don’t rush! Doesn’t Wicca teach you to take your time and live in the present day? :)

    What do you think?