The Truth Bearing Owls

The Truth Bearing Owls

Owls are nocturnal creatures that have the ability to see in the dark and fly and hunt swiftly, without making a sound. Yes, those wide eyes are all-seeing! Owls are creatures of clairvoyance, keen perception, astral projection, instincts, and the occult.

In the world of Wicca, the owl is a very important symbol. Owls carry ancient knowledge of the powers of the moon, and represent both wisdom and darkness.

Owls in Greek Mythology

Owls are not only significant to us Wiccans, but across many cultures. Perhaps the most well known lover of owls is Athena, the Goddess of wisdom and the night…

Athena had an owl perched upon her shoulder or hand at all times. And this owl would reveal truths to her that she herself couldn’t see with her own eyes. In return, Athena would only speak only the full truth, making her the Goddess of wisdom.

Connecting With Owls

When owls gather around you at daytime, consider yourself lucky! Because owls only do this to those whom they feel they have a kinship with. When owls become your friend, they will help you see the whole truth and not just some parts of it.

Owls also connect with you in your meditation and through your dreams. This is how they are able to help you in your magick and unfold things for you, by sending you messages in your dreams!

Owls as Omens

Owls are your totem animals if you wish to sharpen your powers of observation. When you seek to connect with them, pay attention to what’s happening around you, and be mindful of signals and omens.

There are some people who believe owls to be omens of death. Not to be taken negatively, this is just another way of owls showing you the truth and warning you of what is coming.

Owls see undistorted reality and acknowledge it. They are not afraid of it because from truth comes enlightenment. 

Owls will gift you with the very same vision they have if it is your heart’s true desire.

So… Are you ready for the truth and clarity that owls can bring into your life?

Was there ever a time you felt the presence of owls in your life?

Let me know your thoughts and experiences. I would love to hear them! 

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