Dragonflies and You!

Dragonflies and You!

In this post, we’ll take a look at the Dragonfly. A very powerful little being that has always reminded me of faeries.

The dragonfly has always played a big role in old religions and beliefs. Everyone from the Vikings to the celts, to the Native americans worshipped Dragonflies.

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What does the dragonfly symbolize?

The thing that makes dragonflies so unique and special is that they have very short lives. They don’t have any time to waste, so when they are near you, you can bet they have a VERY good reason.

Usually, they are there to tell you something important. If you are very stressed, always thinking about the past or what you need to do, chances are that a dragonfly will pay you a visit.

It’ll be there to tell you, that you should remember to be in the moment and maybe that you need to change some things in your life.

Also, when you are in a bad relationship, wasting your time at work or worry too much, they like to pay a visit to tell you about how you can change and make a transformation in your life.

Here’s some common meanings of the Dragonfly:

  • Change and transformation
  • Adaptability
  • Joy, lightness of being
  • Symbol of the realm of emotions, invitation to dive deeper into your feeling
  • Being on the lookout for illusions and deceits, whether are external or personal
  • Connection with nature’s spirits and fairies

What does it mean when a dragonfly is near you?

    A Dragonfly will usually communicate with you, by being in your presence. Again, remember that their lives are very short, so if they take the time to be near you, it is because it’s important. They don’t waste their time!

    If you don't live in a place where dragonflies naturally are, you might find that you start to dream about them or suddenly see Dragonfly merchandise everywhere.

    It’s a pretty odd phenomena, but it happens more often than you would think.

    It’s usually just another way for them to communicate with you.

    a group of clouds in the sky

    So, what does it mean when you suddenly have dragonflies following you or when you start to see them in your dreams?

    Again, a dragonfly is usually all about transformation, change and being present in the moment.

    So, if you suddenly see them all over, it’s probably because you are getting caught up in the past or spend you time worrying over stuff you shouldn't worry about (like things you cannot control anyway).

    See it as a sign that you need to wake up. That you should cherish your life. Every single moment.

    Life is extremely short and you shouldn't waste it by worrying about things you cannot change or have no control over. Live live fully and enjoy yourself. Adapt to new situation and change and don’t get stuck in the past.

    What if there is no Dragonflies around?

    Even if you live at a place where there isn’t any dragonflies or if they never come to you, you can still make use of their power by wearing a dragonfly pendant or having merchandise (I believe a pendant is better because you can have it on you at all times).

    A dragonfly pendant might not be as “in your face” as a real life dragonfly, but if you let it, it will serve as a reminder to be joyful and be in the now (or whatever you are dealing with where a dragonfly can help).

    a group of clouds in the sky

    A pendant can also be a good companion for when you are trying to make some changes in your life. It will help you with new beginnings, creating new and better habits and sticking to them.


    • Dragonflies don't waste time. If you see them near you, there is a reason for it.
    • You cannot summon dragonflies, but a dragonfly pendant can give you some of the same benefits as a real life dragonfly.
    • Dragonflies will tell you to live you life and remind you not to waste it. They will tell you to be joyful and to make the most out of every moment. Sometimes, that requires you to make some hard choices and to change your lifestyle.

    What’s your experience with dragonflies?

    When was the last time you saw one and why do you think that was?

    Let me know in the comments below :)

    What do you think?