7 Wiccan Supplies You Must Never Run Out Of

7 Wiccan Supplies You Must Never Run Out Of


There are Wiccan supplies that you must never ever run out of. These are usually the magickal supplies that are used in every spell and in every ritual. What I am saying is, these basic items, you cannot do without them so it’s better to stock up on them. It is better to not need them and have them than it is to need them and not have them. There is nothing more that says you are unprepared than lacking the necessary Wiccan supplies for an effective ritual or spell.

Here’s are some of the most important Wiccan supplies that you must never be caught not having:

  • Smudging Sticks

  • Smudging sticks are what you use to cleanse yourself, your magickal tools, and your ritual space. So for every ritual and for every spell you cast, you are going to need to smudge first.

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    Smudging helps your spells becoming more powerful and your rituals become more effective by making sure that there is no negative energy that muddles your focus and no negative energy that interferes with your intention that can weaken your spell.

  • Bath Salts

  • Taking a salt bath is a cleansing practice used for thousands of years now. There are specially formulated bath salts according to the purpose of your spell casting and ritual. For example, there are bath salts to use for bathing when you want a change in your love life. There are also bath salts to use for bathing when you want wealth and prosperity in your life. Specific bath salts work in conjunction with your magickal tools that serve the same purpose.

    Before you start any ritual or cast a spell, taking a bath with bath salts will remove all negative energies and thoughts that can interfere with the effectiveness of your spell or ritual.


    Incense sticks are a valuable ritual tool and is associated with the element Air. The smoke of incense sticks help open the way to a sacred space. Our ancestors would burn a combination of magical herbs and woods to bless their homes. You might think that this sounds too much like smudging, but it’s not. Incense has a more fruity and exotic smell and is used to create a sacred atmosphere. Smudge sticks have an earthy smell and are used to cleanse and purify a space.

  • Magickal Ink

  • There are plenty of spells that require you to write down your hopes and intentions. In spells to banish anger and jealousy, you are required to write down the name of the person you are angry with and also to write down the things that make you jealous of the other person. In love spells, you are also required to write down the name of the person you love.

    Just like bath salts, there are specific magickal inks for certain purposes. Like Dove’s blood ink is used for love spells, attraction spells, and in fertility rituals. There are also specific magickal inks for use according to your intention, there’s magickal ink to draw money and to make your wishes come true.

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  • Parchment Paper

  • Magickal inks are best used on parchment paper, they do not do well with the flimsy paper of thin material. Parchment paper is more durable than say, wax paper, or standard lined paper, and will last many years. So you will really get your money’s worth. Some spells and rituals also require safekeeping of the paper where the spell is written, and parchment paper is the perfect choice for that.

  • Candles

  • Candles are also used in almost every spell and ritual. It represents intention, and each spell calls for a specific colored candle. Plus, sometimes, spells and rituals require you to leave the candle to die out to make the ritual/spell more effective, which is why you should stock up on them!

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    Anointing Oil 

  • Anointing oils are something you should always have. There are anointing oils that are used to bless your candles and magickal tools, and there are anointing oils that are specifically formulated for your purpose. This type of anointing oils is used on yourself to bless yourself and to enhance connection and communication with the Divine.

    So here are the 7 Wiccan Supplies that you should never ever run out of! Imagine the endless possibilities and many ways you can cast a spell if you are well-stocked with these tools. Having these basic Wiccan supplies down will help you magnify the effect of your spells on all fronts!

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    When you were writing about bath salts, not all of have access to or can use a bathtub. I only have a shower in my apartment. Even when I had a bathtub I didn’t take baths because I couldn’t safely get in/out of the tub. What should I do instead?


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    I love you guys!


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    I absolutely LOVE you guys!!!!
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