How Wearing Wiccan Jewelry Can Help You In Your Everyday Life

How Wearing Wiccan Jewelry Can Help You In Your Everyday Life


Wearing Wiccan Jewelry every day has many positive benefits. If this wasn’t true, then many Wiccans would not be wearing Wiccan jewelry like necklaces, bracelets and rings.

It is normal to seek out friends or your parents when you need help in your life, and to us Wiccans, it is also a practice to seek help from our gods, goddesses, and the Divine.

If you still do not have a piece of Wiccan Jewelry on your person, then you better read on. I will explain in detail all of what’s in store for you if you were to wear your  Wiccan Jewelry every day.

Wiccan Jewelry will give you strength

Many Wiccans, when they start wearing their Wiccan necklace, Wiccan bracelet, or Wiccan ring, notice an immediate rush of energy and feeling of being able to do anything. They describe it as a feeling of “newness,” “newfound strength,” and “power.”

Now, the Wiccan jewelry is not actually the one responsible for this feeling of being strong, what it is responsible for is making you rediscover the strength that is already within you. So whenever you are faced with a challenge, like a divorce, a break up, loss of employment, or a death in the family, your Wiccan Jewelry will give you the strength to carry on. Which brings us to the second benefit..

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Wiccan Jewelry will remind you of your good qualities

Life has its ups and downs and this leads to feeling that you are a failure or simply not good enough. Everyone has these feelings sometimes but not everyone has the benefit of having Wiccan Jewelry. Wearing a Wiccan necklace, especially one with your birthstone will enhance your qualities and remind you that you are not your mistakes, and that you are a kind, honest, good-hearted, and smart person.

Plus, each gemstone, with its unique vibrations will transmit its own metaphysical properties into your energy field and will uplift you, make you feel more alive, give you warmth, soothe you, heal you, and make you feel powerful. Which leads us to the third benefit..

Wiccan Jewelry will make you want to be a better Wiccan

If you are reminded of your good qualities, you will feel good about yourself. And when you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to be a better Wiccan, a better person, actually. A good Wiccan who harms no one who is grounded, has a strong connection to Nature, and is grateful to the Divine.

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 Wiccan Jewelry will show people how serious you are about Wicca

Lastly, wearing Wiccan Jewelry is a form of expression. It shows people your belief and what is important to you. It also gives you a sense of belongingness. If Christians have their cross and scapular, then Wiccans have their pentacle and tree of life.

So there you have it. I am sure there are more benefits that vary from person to person. But mostly, these are the universal ones. If you are at a point in your life where you are struggling, reach out to Wiccan jewelry to help tide you over. 


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Paula Ward
Paula Ward

March 02, 2020

I have three pieces of jewelry Triple Moon that is worn at Full Moon. Tree of Life that wear for my Rituals and the Elder Broom necklace to ward off negative energy on a daily basis. I ,love them all and feel connected to to my path far more when wearing them
Marybeth Allen
Marybeth Allen

March 02, 2020

I wear a tree of life and a Goddess necklace. It has helped me since my son passed.

Lindy Cole
Lindy Cole

March 01, 2020

I wear my tree of life and sun/moon daily, because it gives me strength, moonstone rings for cleare psychic ability ☺️

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