Wiccan Necklace Feature: Fae Necklaces

Wiccan Necklace Feature: Fae Necklaces

I think many Wiccans all over can agree that Wiccan Necklaces that feature the magickal creatures from the Fae realm are simply irresistible. What I am going to focus on here are the Fearies and the Dragonflies. Those who seek out Wiccan Necklaces are enchanted by the beauty plus balance of power and fragility of those in the Fae realm.


I think everyone can agree that fearie necklaces are eye-catching and enchanting in their mystery and story. Fearies are the magickal beings of pure energy of the Fae realm. They are found in forests and gardens.

Faery of Attraction from The Moonlight Shop

Those who seek out faerie-inspired necklaces are usually those who are big fans of them and are trying to welcome them in their lives. This is especially true for those who have experienced what it’s like to befriend faeries and be helped by them. You think these people have green thumbs always tinkering around in their garden, but actually sharing treats like biscuits and honey just to win the trust of the faeries. Which really won’t work unless you have a decluttered and open mind.

Faerie-inspired necklaces just might be the final step to winning them over! Remember, if you treat them right, they can and will help you with just about anything! All you have to do is ask! Faeries can be your powerful allies in your life!

And if you have already gained their trust, wearing a faery pendant is one way to bond with them, which you should do to make your relationship stronger! Dumping them and forgetting about them after they helped you with something will show you how naughty fearies can get!

Faery In Crescent Moon Necklace from the Moonlight Shop


Why are these creatures from the Fae realm so beautiful?! Next, we have the dragonflies. Dragonflies are the spirits of nature and the Fae realm. For that, the presence of the dragonflies bring you wisdom. When a dragonfly makes an appearance in your life, you know it’s trying to tell you something. Usually, it reminds you to live in the moment! Dragonflies do not have long lives you see, so they take whatever they have and make the most of it.

Wearing Wiccan necklaces that are dragonfly-inspired helps you become more adaptive and also helps you through transition periods. Maybe you just hate any form of change and like to stick to what you know, even though it’s not working for you anymore. Maybe you are moving to a new house, starting a new job, or in the beginning of a new relationship. The dragonfly necklace will help you relax and not be such a bundle of nerves about it all! Just as they flutter lightly throughout their lives, the dragonfly teaches you the same. Be inspired by the lightness of the dragonfly and your lightness will likewise inspire others!

How about you? Did the fearies and dragonflies of the Fae Realm ever help you in some way in your life? We would love to hear what you have to say! Please share in the comments section below. :)

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