The Pendulum

The Pendulum

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Pendulums are one of the oldest of dowsing, meaning, using something to detect the presence of water, minerals or anything not visible to the eye. The usage of the pendulum is very popular in Modern Wicca; they are easily used to communicate with the Divine. A pendulum is a great tool for self discovery, energy detection and divination.

Pendulum Usage In The Past

The pendulum was a tool used to help gain scientific knowledge and practical knowledge. During the Vietnam war, the pendulum was used by soldiers to locate where the underground mines and tunnels are. In France, doctors used pendulums to help with diagnosing illnesses and some even use the pendulum to predict the gender of their unborn babies.

How To Use The Pendulum

So how does one use the pendulum? First and foremost, you should have a clear state of mind before you use the pendulum. Whichever the material is of the line of your pendulum, whether it’s a string or a chain, take the knot or the lock in between your thumb and your pointer. Take deep breaths and ask it to signal “yes” or “no.” It is best to establish this before you start asking questions. If it’s your first time to do this, it’s normal to have a shaky start. Remember, this is a skill to be practiced!

So anyway, back to the signal. Generally, if a pendulum moves in a clockwise motion or a front and back swing if it’s a yes and a counterclockwise motion or a left and right motion if it’s a no. Once you have the yes and no motion locked down, you can start asking the Divine some questions!

Plus, there’s also the pendulum chart, which allows you to ask more open-ended questions and you get more information and precise answers out of your communication with the Divine. You must hold the pendulum over the pendulum chart and observe in which segment the moves toward. Having a pendulum chart gives you a chance to have a real sense of dialogue with the Divine.

Other ways to use the pendulum is to hold it over a map to find out a great place to go for a trip or a new place to live.

Pendulum Types

Pendulums come in different shapes and sizes, just as there are witches that come in different shapes and sizes! Some have a brass tip, silver tip, and some a crystal and stone tip. There are those with a wire attached to them or a chain. There are also those that come with small chambers where you can load substances like herbs, oils, and incense powder to help you in your divination.

Your pendulum should be properly cleansed and consecrated before each use and stored in a pouch for safekeeping if not in use.

How do you make use of the pendulum in your practice? Please do share with us in the comments section below! :)


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Denise Notaro

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