8 Cool Wiccan Items You Can Totally Wear

8 Cool Wiccan Items You Can Totally Wear

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There are many Wiccan items out there that you probably don’t know exist. The truth of the matter is, Wiccan items like Wiccan clothing, Wiccan accessories, and Wiccan jewelry are getting cooler by the minute! 

There was a time when you could only choose between a Wiccan necklace or a Wiccan ring. That’s it. I am gonna show you some of the really cool Wiccan items that can only increase your cool quotient!

1. “Taunt the Witch They Said” Racerback Tank (Click here)

Racerback tanks are perfect to wear on hot, summer days. The best types are those that are created from flowy material. It does not bind you and makes your skin breathe. 

A racerback tank with a funny and unique design like the “Taunt the Witch They Said” racerback tank will put you in a cheerful mood on those hot summer days and nights and make you very endearing to other people.

2. “The Wolf Is My Spirit Animal” Hoodie (Click here)

The Spirit Animal Hoodie is for the cooler days and nights. The cold can be very unkind and has makes you feel, well, sluggish. Enter your spirit animal hoodie: “the Wolf.” 

If the Wolf is your spirit animal, then it sure as hell chose you. And if it chose you, you must share some of its traits: intelligent, a born leader, and brave. 

Wear this in school and you will feel this “push” in finishing your assignments and letting your leadership skills shine. 

3. “As Above So Below” T-Shirt (Click here)

The “As Above So Below” T-Shirt features a few keywords in the Wiccan Rede. To non-Wiccans, this saying is also very familiar. It’s simple, what is cultivated below is reflected on above, and what is above is a result of what is below. 

Wearing this, everyone will think of you as a peace-loving person, which you are. You are a witch, spiritual, grounded, and at peace. A peace-loving person draws people in due to the positive energy that radiates from within. 

4. Green Aventurine Belly Button Ring (Click here)


Wearing the Green Aventurine Belly Button Ring is admittedly, taking a walk on the wild side. It is not for everyone with a problem with pain tolerance. :)

What makes this so cool is that it combines the protective powers of the pentacle and the prosperity-attracting quality of the green aventurine. If you like to perform money and luck spells on the regular, then this is for you. 

On the plus side, you can choose not to show it if you like. It will be your little secret. Something that gives you a fierce type of confidence. 

5. Pendulum With Black Onyx And Tree Of Life Charm Bracelet (Click here)

The Pendulum With Black Onyx And Tree Of Life Charm Bracelet is not your ordinary charm bracelet. Bracelets hardly have any other purpose but to beautify your wrist. But not this one. Not this Wiccan bracelet. It doubles as a dowsing tool and a magnifying gem. You can use this in your divination and in your rituals and spell casting. 

This bracelet is a multi-functioning bracelet that is unique and a cut above the rest of the Wiccan bracelets out there. 

6. Garnet Gemstone Bracelet (Click here)

If you’re one of those witches who find charms to be too heavy on their wrist, then the Garnet Gemstone Bracelet is for you. If you were born in January, then that’s a plus. Because the Garnet gemstone works with your personal qualities. Witches born in January are usually the energetic type. But this will give you energy in your work, studies, relationships. A passionate witch is a witch who is cool. 

7. Rune Shirts (Click here)

What you should know is that you can call on runic alphabets to help you in any aspect of your life where you need help. In fact, there is one runic alphabet that you can relate to according to where you are in your life. 

Take for example the Kenaz rune t-shirt. It is the right t-shirt for when you are seeking a big illumination and transformation in your life. Maybe you need a new setting, a new career. The Kenaz rune and shirt will work with you to achieve just that. 

8. “I AM HEART” Affirmation Necklace (Click here)

The “I AM HEART” Affirmation necklace I think is one of the best Wiccan necklaces you can ever own. In fact, it is up there with the pentacle necklaces. You know why? Because the “I AM HEART” necklace relies on everything good that is inside you to make you stronger and be the best version of yourself. 

Everyone has a good heart. It’s just so easy to lose sight of that. As human beings, we need to be reminded of that. Wearing this affirmation necklace will invite the right caring and loving witches into your life. 

See, these are just some of the many really cool Wiccan items out there. There are so many ways to express yourself and your beliefs nowadays. Way more than our ancestors had. So you should really take advantage of that. :)

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