Why Witches Should Have Journals

Why Witches Should Have Journals

Journaling is not a requirement but is essential in your spiritual journey.

This is why many Wiccans keep a journal of some sort, whether it’s a dream journal, a spell book, or a Book of Shadows.

When you journal, you keep notes of what you did, when you did it, and the results that came to be.

Being a witch, it can be spells, rituals, dreams, and astral traveling details that you’ve done. So journaling is a sort of record-keeping.

This is very important because we are witches and we are humans...and therefore, we forget.

You can cast a spell or perform a ritual and that’s about it. You can stop at that. But if you jot down details of your experience, you will be clear on the details even the next day, the next week, even after months have passed.

Journaling will help you see what went wrong, if something went wrong. And eventually, you will get better at your craft.

It also helps you avoid thinking that something happened when it didn’t, and it also makes you identify amazing results that you find later on.

Starting a Journal

A lot of witches are put off just by the prospect of not knowing what to write. Remember, you are not in school anymore and no one is going to grade you for your penmanship and there are no right or wrong thoughts here.

You can start by writing down the date, day, time, place and what happened. If it’s a Sabbat or an event, then write it down accordingly.

You can also add your correspondence charts for herbs, crystals, candle colors, what have you.

Let journaling become a practice and eventually you will find yourself adding more sections, charts, and graphs.

A lot of witches think, why not just type down thoughts to save? While that might be tempting, computers can crash, what’s more, you cannot infuse what you’re typing down with your intent. You also cannot bless what you’ve written on your computer.

Computers are a high-voltage things that can mess with your magick. You can of course, print what you have typed down but the act of writing something infuses what you’ve written with your intent, making it stronger.

Think about this, when you are many years down the road of your practice, you can gain wisdom from looking back and seeing how far you have gone. But you cannot possibly remember every little thing because our memories are fallible.

Having a journal allows you to reminisce about past thoughts, feelings and experiences you had and spells and rituals that you did. You can also see your realizations as a younger witch.

A journal is a tool for self-evaluation and self-improvement, allowing you to examine your life, for you come to know yourself through your journal.  

It is an amazing experience. It’s something that you shouldn’t deprive yourself from having. Do not deprive yourself of having a treasure trove of a record of events, experiences, thoughts, feelings, spells, rituals, and realizations. 

I promise you that if you keep journals and records, they will indeed be a source of great inspiration to your children, your grandchildren, and the next generation of witches.

What are you waiting for? Take the opportunity to journal while you can! :)

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