Why We Created the Wiccan Checklist Line of Witchy Products

Why We Created the Wiccan Checklist Line of Witchy Products

Our Wiccan Checklist line is one of our most popular lines and we think it’s because it resonates with every witch in any part of the world. 

You know what it’s like, you’re walking on the street or at a gathering or a birthday party and someone looks at your pentacle necklace and asks, “Do you actually eat babies?” or “Do you sacrifice cats?”

Or worse, if someone gives you the “knowing look” because they believe you prance around naked casting spells in your house.

It is really ANNOYING! But it’s a reality for Wiccans despite the fact that we are already in the 21st century.

Maybe these questions are driven by fear or maybe they are really just born out of ignorance. One thing’s for sure, we cannot let that get us down!

We owe it to ourselves to show the non-Wiccans that we are just like them, if only wittier, funnier, and more willing to poke fun at ourselves and the perpetuating myths about Wicca!

You certainly cannot say the same for those who practice other beliefs! :)

So we rounded-up a few of the most common misconceptions like:

The pentacle is an evil symbol.

Witches eat babies

Witches make ritualistic animal offerings.

Witches can change the color of their eyes with a spell.

And created a simple design for a shirt, sweater, hoodie, racerback and a mug. And voila! We came up with this:

We were pretty pleased with ourselves simply because we knew everyone in the office was gonna have their very own Wiccan Checklist Mug. 

After adding the finishing touches, we posted our Wiccan Checklist Mug on our Facebook Page just to let the Wiccans all over the world know what we are cooking up at the office.

We were so glad that our Facebook followers and Moonlight Family members liked the design as much as we did! As with anything we do, it is really to connect with other Wiccans emotionally and connect we did with our Wiccan Checklist line! And trust us, we constantly strive to send love and light over your way! Blessed be, witches!

You may see more of the Wiccan Checklist line here:

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