"Those Who Don't Believe in Magick" Clothing

Just last month, we were thinking of the power of magick in our lives. We at the Moonlight Family thought how terrible life would be without magick.

We were throwing around how what a sad sad place the world would be if it was full of people didn’t believe in magick at all. Can you picture it? Just thinking about it makes us hurt. No, seriously! It does!

We are unable to wrap our heads around how can not be aware of the energy around and not knowing that YOU CAN MAKE USE OF THE ENERGIES AROUND to direct your intentions and reach your goals!

And then we thought about it longer and decided that no, we have to spread the word! We have to take it upon ourselves to spread awareness!

What do we do, create a necklace? No, we wanted something bigger! As big as our mission! Nobody should miss our message. So we thought clothing would be the way to go about it. It is getting cold after all, so a hoodie would be awesome!

We went to the drawing board and thought of different messages like:

“Connect with your personal magick”

“You are magick”

“May the magick be with you”

Until we ended up with this:

Of course, we wanted to test out whether our Moonlight Family members and all the witches of the world would appreciate it. So we shared the design on our Moonlight Magic page, to an astounding number of comments and shares!

Just to show you the reception the “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” hoodie got:

We initially used magick without a K, you know, to be all-inclusive! And this sent our members and followers into a frenzy! “Where’s the K?” they asked.

And because we always listen to what our Moonlight Family members and Facebook followers have to say, we have gladly changed it to magick with a K!

With this hoodie, you are instantly sending out positive energy to attract whatever it is that your heart desires: a new job, a new relationship, a great marriage, a new house, a promotion, weight loss, confidence, or a healthy baby. And the forces will work to help you reach your goals!

You can check out the “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” line here: 



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