The Witch's Brew Mug

The Witch's Brew Mug

a coffee mug

We here at the Moonlight Family noticed that it’s getting chilly now as we are moving closer and closer to Yule.

It’s just one of those days when we think of our Moonlight family members and how else we can make their days more magickal despite the cool temperatures..

 As we were hunched over our coffee to warm us, we thought, “Hey! How about we create a special witch’s brew mug for our members?” While we lock ourselves in and try to survive the cold months, we should have something to make them snicker, smile, and feel warm inside! 

So we thought of the perfect witch’s brew. Of course, there’s the usual 3 cups of apple cider, a stick of cinnamon, 1 cup of cranberry, and so on. But that’s no fun isn’t it? So we went back to the drawing board and thought of the traditional names for ingredients our ancestors used. 

And we got to talking about stuff like: Toe of a frog, Fillet of a fenny snake, Calf’s Snout, an Eye of Newt, a Cat’s Paw, Lizard’s Leg, Howlet’s Wing, Dragon Scales, and Wool of Bat, Serpent’s Tongue.

We also thought of WHY a witch would create a brew and WHAT FOR?

Well, usually it’s to induce dreams, to heal, to perform magickal, to cast spells, to make one more attractive, or to attract wealth, and so much more!

So we finally settled with this design:

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Of course, we wondered, as always, “Is this something they would like?” We wanted to check if this was something our Moonlight Family members wanted, so we posted a feeler on Facebook. And it went something like this:

a screenshot of a cell phone

And within just an hour of posting, we got massive reception from our Moonlight Family members and our Facebook followers! We are so happy that you LIKED and LOVED our idea! And this is how we know that this is something that we want to make available to you guys.

You can see more of The Witch’s Brew Mug here:

a close up of a mug

The Witch’s Brew Mug will wake you up, make you feel good, and affirm your witchiness whenever you use it. :)

What do you think?