The Wiccan Yule Sweater

The Wiccan Yule Sweater

Yule is just around the corner and we at the Moonlight Family are both excited and thoughtful. Excited because this is the time to be with loved ones, and thoughtful because Yule and all the protecting ourselves from the cold gives us a lot of time to reflect indoors.

We will be setting up our Yule altars and our spells (of course, we will be casting spells!) will be about rebirth and renewal. The sun is making its way back to the Earth and this is our preparation.

If you were lucky enough to be able to spend time with grandpa and grandma in your younger years (hello child of the 80s and 90s!), you know what they like to give you during Yule. If you’re luckier, your own parents gifted you with the very same thing.

You just sense it coming, you know? The yearly CHRISTMAS SWEATER! You fake love or like it but you know deep inside that it was given with love. Your grandparents and parents wanna protect you and keep you warm. And you just look oh so adorable in your Christmas sweater!

The same sticky situation might have made you uneasy when you were younger. But as you get older, the memory of ugly Yule or Christmas sweaters will make you feel warm inside. If you don’t already know, adults hold “ugly Christmas sweater” parties regularly. You cannot deny the staying power of the ugly Christmas sweater! And neither can we!

We at the Moonlight Shop are aware of the power of the ugly, tacky, and gaudy Yule sweater. And we thought, why not bring it back to our family members?

So we thought of an ugly Wiccan Yule Sweater design (it really wasn’t hard), combining all of our memories of how our Christmas sweaters looked and of course, added a truly Wiccan detail: pentacles, and came up with this:

We needed the opinion of our Moonlight Family members, Facebook followers, witches and non-witches all over the world and this is what happened:

With people saying they need it and women asking for it to available in women’s style, we knew we were offering up something good to you people!

This Yule season, keep warm in your Wiccan Yule Sweater. Because sometimes, New Beginnings call for remembering and appreciating the past with an entirely new perspective.

If you wanna see more of the Wiccan Yule Sweater, click here: 

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