The Five Rules Of FOCUS

The Five Rules Of FOCUS

As a solitary practitioner, it’s very difficult to focus with the many distractions in our modern life. It is getting really hard for us to take time to enjoy our spirituality and have a moment with our deities. 

To overcome this, you only need to follow the five rules to FOCUS (Free Your Time, Open Your Mind, Contemplate, Undo Distractions, Set One Goal). These things are so connected to each other in regaining your spiritual focus and achieving stronger chakra. 

1. Free Your Time

It is true that all of us are extremely busy. We all need to study, or do work, or clean the house, et cetera et cetera. With little time left for leisure and sleep. That is why it’s also very important to set a particular time for things. Studies show that the best thinking is actually done outside the office. People are actually more efficient when they are given time to rest outside the office space where they can detach from stress. When practicing your spirituality, always find time to destress and also allocate time when you be productive. 

As much as you live every moment being Wiccan by wearing jewelries or using Wiccan tools and such, also allocate a specific time for your rituals.

2. Open Your Mind

Open-mindedness has always been one of the many proven key factors in achieving focus. Even though our brains are designed to do a lot of tasks, it’s always better to get things done one step at a time. Calm your mind; it’s very important. Think of positive things! It’s also better to constantly remind yourself of the presence of your Wiccan stuff to ward off negative thoughts, especially those that draw power from nature. Listen to good music. Read inspirational passages.


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3. Contemplate

In other terms, meditate. Sometimes, it can be a difficult thing. But take time to relax. Also, exercising is a really helpful activity. Endorphins are released by the pituitary gland to block out feelings of pain or stress, while, serotonin (another chemical released while exercising), improves our mood and our sense of happiness. Take time to imagine positive images, like that of the sun, which gives brightness to the world, or the forest, where the faeries live. 

4. Remove Distractions and Detoxify

Stress sometimes comes to us when we think of more than one thing. It’s never easy to multitask. So in reaching clarity and focus, you have to set your brain to do just one thing at a time. With this, you need to eliminate distractions and unnecessary workload. You can detoxify yourself, and by "detoxify", you need to wean yourself from technology for a while. Turn off any notifications on your social media. Turn off your television. Take a short walk outside and spend time with nature.

5. Set Yourself To Achieve A Single Goal 

Setting a single objective at a time will keep you on track. It will motivate you and help you persist at times when you start losing inspiration. It’s important to simplify your objectives, furthermore, in order to maintain the motivation and guarantee that what you are working on is getting you closer to a specific goal. You may choose to do a spell or make an offering to your deity. Make sure to do it one at a time.

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