The 7 Most Spiritual Musical Instruments Which Promote Sound Healing

The 7 Most Spiritual Musical Instruments Which Promote Sound Healing


Music is an uplifting, beautiful, and almost essential part of our lives. For many of us, it’s an integral part of relaxing, making ourselves feel whole and happy again, and infusing our lives with peace. With all that in mind, what are the most spiritual music instruments that can help us heal?


1) The Gong

If you’ve ever had the joy of feeling a gong vibrate through you, engaging every part of your body from your head to the tips of your toes, you’ll understand why it’s on this list. The deep, humming throb of this instrument is beautiful, and many people believe that just touching a gong is enough to bring good fortune. Listening to the reverberations of a gong can be immensely calming at times.


2) The Native American Flute

If deep, heavy sounds are less appealing to you, you might find that the more plaintive notes of a flute are what bring you calm. Some people say that the Native American flute can moderate your heart rate, and that it may help decrease anxiety or stress. Its exact origins are unknown, but flutes have been part of human history, across the globe, for generations. No wonder the sound is so soothing to us.



3) Wind Chimes

Most of us probably equate wind chimes with little wood cabins, isolated in the peace and quiet of nature. There is something particularly wonderful about these instruments, which offer sound through nothing more than the power of the wind. They are at one with nature, stilling when the wind stops, and growing wild when it picks up. Chimes might be metal or wood, and either can produce a beautifully soothing melody. Again, chimes are an old instrument, deeply rooted in human history.


4) The Harp

A harp may be one of the most elegant, highly-thought of instruments in the world. Frequently associated with heaven, they are clearly thought by some to be the pinnacle of music. The notes produced by harps are thought to be able to reduce blood pressure, and possibly even lower a patient’s feelings of pain after surgery. Relaxing is one of the best defenses against pain, so instruments which promote relaxation are invaluable to healing.


5) The Kalimba

An instrument which less people will be familiar with, the Kalimba is nonetheless beautifully soothing, and a few notes might be enough to help you fall in love. Sweet, gentle, and occasionally called a “thumb piano,” this is a charmingly small and simple instrument, which originated in Zimbabwe. Like many other healing instruments, it’s thought to help reduce anxiety, and its metal tines have such an exquisite sound, it’s no wonder.


6) The Singing Bowl

Along with the gong, this may be one of the instruments which most of us first think of when we think about relaxing musical instruments. In some religious ceremonies, the bowls are both the opening sound and the closing one, bringing the music full-circle. The deep, sweet, resonant notes are wonderfully full, and can help with meditation and exercises such as yoga. Sometimes called Tibetan Singing Bowls, these are another instrument which have been with humans for many years, and there is something so simple and appealing about them, both in appearance and in the resonance which they produce.


7) The Digeridoo

Another instrument which has been part of human history throughout the ages, the Digeridoo has a strange name, but a delightful sound. The deep resonance of the instrument offers healing benefits to both the player and to the listener. It requires a circular breathing pattern to play, and rewards the work with a rich humming tone. Usually made from beautiful, natural wood, Digeridoos offer a chance to connect with the past, with tribes and history, and with the vibration of sound.


Music has an extraordinary effect on our moods and perception of the world. It can alter how we feel about things, and being aware of its power is a good way to take control of your environment. We are constantly learning more about how different sound frequencies and resonances impact our world, and connecting with the power of music can offer a crucial outlet for stress, helping to you heal and revitalizing you.


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