Our Lovely Customers: September 2016 Edition

Our Lovely Customers: September 2016 Edition

Carey Mulligan et al. posing for a photo

Another month has ended and it’s time to do a roundup of our customers once again. Our customers rock and here they are wearing their favorite pieces from the Moonlight Shop!

Time to find out who the winner is, and for the month of September, it is Rachel Bruzzese!

a person posing for the camera

Rachel is looking cool with her Pentacle of the Witch necklace! This particular pendant is a very powerful and uniquely designed amulet.

You can tell that the necklace brings about a zing of energy flowing through Rachel just by the aura that she exudes.

a close up of a flower

The Pentacle of the Witch has a total of five birthstones embedded on it, one for each point of the pentacle. The way it’s designed makes it a very beautiful, personal, and powerful piece of Wiccan jewelry.

 You can check out the Pentacle of the Witch necklace here:


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