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Our lovely customers: June 2016 Edition

Hello guys! Take a look at our awesome, lovely, and beautiful customers who shared pictures of them with their items from The Moonlight Shop! 

Of course, as we always do, we pick one winner every month. And our winner for the month of June is (drumroll please!)..


Here you see Lari Werner holding up her “Taunt the Witch They Said” color-changing mug. Now this item is one of our latest additions to our shop! It's really, really coool and really, really popular!

It features a cute and funny design. Put a warm drink in it and it reveals the image of an annoyed frog! Frowning, just as a taunted would with the text: "Taunt the Witch they said, it will be fun they said..."

Put something cold in it and it turns... BLACK. This is one unique mug with a fun design that will surely start conversations! It will also help you down your warm coffee and not let it get cold. Your coffee or tea drinking will surely be made more interesting by the Taunt the Witch They Said” color-changing mug.

You can check it out here:

Show your fun side, with this unique and original mug. The design is fun and original. A guaranteed conversation starter. The design is made for The Moonlight Shop and cannot be bought anywhere else.

You can check it out here:

Here are also some more pictures we got this month!

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