Our lovely customers: August 2016 Edition

Our lovely customers: August 2016 Edition

Here are our awesome customers who shared with us their pictures wearing their favorite necklace from the Moonlight Shop!

Of course, we pick the winner. And for the last month’s winner, she is none other than Heather Baddley!

Heather looks absolutely radiant with her Caduceus staff necklace! The Caduceus Staff is an enchanting pendant, it is a symbol of health, divine connection and the relationship between mind, body and spirit.

This is probably why it looks like Heather’s mind, body, and spirit are one and balanced. You can tell she is intouch spiritually.. And I am sure her Caduceus Staff plays a part in it!

You can check out the Caduceus Staff here:


Getting a Caduceus Staff with your own personal birthstone will make it even more powerful and make you align yourself properly mind, body, and spirit. If you get it with the black onyx, i will absorb negative energy and pull it away from you!

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