How To Care For Your Moonlight Shop Necklace

How To Care For Your Moonlight Shop Necklace

If you’ve been with the Moonlight Family for quite some time, chances are, you already have one of our pewter pendants or square and round necklaces. I mean, we cannot blame you, we each have our own here because they are simply irresistible!

Our necklaces are the type that represent beliefs. They’re not plain gold or silver that stand for nothing. Anyone who wears a Moonlight Shop necklace is wearing it for his or her spiritual beliefs. What’s more, the person is wearing it to empower and to repel negativity. So when you see someone wearing one of ours, you know positivity is the game. And when someone sees you wearing ours, they know you’re just a freight train of positivity (we hope!).

Are they durable?

If you are hesitant because you just are not sure if you are up to the task of caring for jewelry that’s not made of gold, we will set your mind at ease. Our necklaces are made of either hard cast resin and non-allergenic pewter and high-quality hard cast resin, both being two of the sturdiest materials used in making pendants. One thing that you should avoid for both is direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight! That’s a no-no. Keep them out of sunlight when not wearing them. 

Our necklaces require little care, but of course that doesn’t mean you can just treat them badly and care for them little and they’ll be ok. Pewter and resin are easy to care for and whatever you may for cleaning incase dirt gets stuck on them are already found in your house. 

Hard cast resin

I am a Witch Pendant from the Moonlight Shop


Our pendants coated with hard cast resin are waterproof and UV resistant. Yes, resin is very water resistant and will not tarnish even when you get them wet. But of course, you would wanna dry them when they do get wet. To do this simply use a cloth to absorb wetness. Never use any tarnish remover or jewelry cleaner on them because that is one surefire way to damage the resin.

To clean it simply use soap and water. Rub the pendant with a soft toothbrush if you must! If you want it shiny, you may use plastic polish. 

Now the chain for our resin pendants are silver plated. So to polish or clean it, you may use a polishing cloth and silver polish.

Wiccan Sabbats Necklace from the Moonlight Shop


Don’t handle your resin pendant while applying lotion or handling acidic substances. Do not expose your resin pendant to perfume, hairspray, and nail polish remover. Also, do not wear it when swimming. It’s not the water that will damage it but chlorine and salt.

Store your resin pendant in a drawer or box where it won’t come into contact with your other jewelry and accessories, that is, if you don’t want it scratched.


Pentacle of the Witch from the Moonlight Shop


For pewter, you can use detergent or dish soap and slightly warm water and dry using a soft cloth. Don’t you use silver cleaner on your pewter pendants. If you want to give them a sheen, you may use jewelry cleaner, rub it in a circular motion then remove with a clean rag. You can also polish it the traditional way: mix together salt, vinegar, and flour until you get a paste-like consistency and leave it on your pendant for like an hour. Rinse it off after and wipe it dry.


 If you try real hard, pewter is actually bendable. So be careful where you store them. It can get scratched and broken if not stored properly or if left in the presence of pets. If you’re not wearing your necklace, make sure to place it in a drawer or a special box. Better if you can wrap it in a soft cloth.

Pentacle of Spells from the Moonlight Shop

Also, keep your pewter pendant away from heat. Like I said, if you try hard enough to destroy them, it CAN happen. But why would you want that, right? Keep your pendants away from sources of heat like a stove or a grill. Same goes for acidic substances. They can melt pewter, so keep that away!

We understand that if you can help it, you would want them to last forever. We do too! That’s why we are sharing this with you in the hopes that you will care for them the best possible way.

Do you have a special tip for caring for your Moonlight Shop jewelry that you feel others should know about? Please share it with us in the comments section below! :)

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