Creating the

Creating the "Witch's Strength Shirt"

The Witch’s Strength Shirt is gaining steady popularity among you guys and we would like to share the story behind how we came up with it.

We were having our weekly meeting and we were discussing our thoughts on the Witches 2-part series on Netflix (you should watch it!). We all agreed how sad it was that the witches bore the brunt of misconceptions even many years after the Salem Witch Trials. And how there are still articles being written about witches that are not very pleasant to read. :(

No, really. We get sad when we hear of a Wiccan being teased or judged due to his or her belief. It’s sad that many centuries later, witches still experience being ostracized and ridiculed for their beliefs. And these are only some of the thoughts that embolden us to keep doing what we do.

We were also thinking of how far we have gone, as a family, from what started as an idea to have an open space for fellow believers to having a Moonlight family that has become REALLY BIG and is still growing day by day, and how lucky we are that our Moonlight Family members are consists of the most awesome, positive, quirky, funny, friendly, helpful, and inspiring Wiccans out there! 

We thought, good thing we have each other to life each other up. And then we started thinking of those who do not have a support system like ours. How do we get to them? How do we help them? How do we say, “Hey, you are a strong witch.” 

So we thought of creating a Witch’s Strength Shirt. We thought, pentacles, moon phases, wands, but then settled on this design:

We marveled at the beauty of our creation (well, of more of our talented designer’s creation), and as we always do, we shared it on our Moonlight Magic page. 

Lo and behold! It was an instant hit!

We are glad we know this to be true among ourselves: that everyone needs to be reminded of their strength once in awhile. Witches are survivors. We are the same as our ancestors were. We have the magick of the faeries and dragons, the power of the goddess of the moon, and the wisdom of nature to help get us through.

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