A Simple Yet Sweet Video Review From Misty

A Simple Yet Sweet Video Review From Misty

Listen to what Misty has to say about the "Stay Wild, Moon Child" necklace.

Video Transcript:

I wanna do a review for a necklace that I bought from The Moonlight Shop.

It is stainless steel and has this beautiful, little charm right here.. looks like a steel coin and it says, "Stay Wild, Moon Child"

I don't know if you can see it..

There we go..

I'm not sure how long the chain is.. uhm.. I think maybe, 18 inches and it had an extender on it.

Umm.. I've had this for about 2 and a half weeks and I just now took it off for the first time to do the review.

It hasn't turned. 

Hasn't change any colors. 

I haven't had any marks on my neck or anything like that.

As I've said, I've worn it non-stop, showers, everything.

I absolutely love it.

It's probably my favorite piece of jewelry right now.

I highly recommend it.

If you can get it, get your hands on it.



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