5 Of The Funniest Wiccan Mugs

5 Of The Funniest Wiccan Mugs

Witch or non-witch, the fact remains: it is so damn hard to get up in the mornings! Which is why we here at The Moonlight Shop design and create mugs that will make you smile or laugh, and make it easier than before to get up in the morning! A funny pagan mug helps set the tone for the day - if you started with a smile or a laugh, then that’s saying something. 

It’s true - how your morning starts can dictate how your day will go, no matter what circumstance. A smile welcomes positivity and gratitude; and makes dodging bad moments throughout the day MUCH EASIER. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed, already grumpy, with nothing to perk up your senses, just does not bode well. It is really depressing. 

Wicca is about getting back to Nature which results in unity, balance, peace, and harmony. 

Anyway, here are some of our funniest mugs on the shop which you should check out:

“Those Who Deny Dragons are Often Eaten” Mug

This mug is for the dragonlover who, just by the sight of dragons is instantly happy! If you are a witch who is close to her dragon guardian, this will definitely make your dragon guardian happy as well.

Those Who Deny The Existence Of Dragons Mug from the Moonlight Shop

With this mug, your dragon guardian will help you get up in the morning and prepare for the day ahead! If you don’t already know, dragons love it when you surround yourself with items that bear their image. 

  • “Only Coffee Can Summon Me” Mug

  • Only Coffee Can Summon Me Mug from the Moonlight Shop

  • This mug will not only be appreciated by Wiccans, but also non-Wiccans. The funny design will perk up your senses while preparing for work and while at work - not only on Mondays but every single day! 

  • “Wiccan Checklist” Mug

    This mug is for the Wiccan with a good sense of humor. I mean, being a Wiccan in this modern world does have its challenges, but being a Wiccan means you can take anything in stride and even laugh about stupid questions like, “Do you eat babies?”  

  • Wiccan Checklist Mug from the Moonlight Shop

  • The Wiccan checklist mug not only reminds you of what it means to be a Wiccan; it also reminds you of what it doesn’t mean. Plus, some questions on here are so ridiculous that you cannot help but laugh out loud! 

    I Am Mrs. Witch Mug

    This is for all you witches out there who are wives, mothers, and homemakers! This is an empowering mug that prepares you for the many things you have lined up for the day - whether it’s office matters, home matters, chores, etc.  

  • I Am Mrs. Witch Mug from the Moonlight Shop

  • It’s witty, it’s funny. It says “You’ve got this in the bag, Mrs. Witch!” 

    Don’t Make Me Flip My Witch Switch Mug

    Finally, if you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed and making a turn around is just not happening, grab onto this mug. We are Wiccans, and we are allowed our off days. This doesn’t really need any explanation, and it comes with a dash of humor. 

  • Don't Make Me Flip My Witch Switch from the Moonlight Shop

  • As a Wiccan your have got to have your own funny mug. If Star Wars fans have their mug collection (and what is that, it’s a movie franchise?), then you should have a funny Wiccan mug. It perks you up, gives you a sense of belongingness, and nod to all your Wiccan brothers and sisters! :)

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