4 Ways To Say

4 Ways To Say "I Love The Moon!"

Being Wiccan means being connected to the moon. It’s a moon goddess-centric religion, which explains why there are many moon products in the market for Wiccans.

If you’ve been a witch for quite some time, you know how frustrating it is to find a limited number of moon products online.

Seems like every witch has the very same pendant.

The Moonlight Shop and our team of witches know this so well, which is why we make it a point to create original designs and roll them out every week.

That way, our family members have CHOICES.

Here are 4 moon products that say “I love the moon!”

With "Pray To The Moon" Items

The coming of the full moon is always a cause for celebration for witches. We don’t take it lightly -- we always have something happening in the weeks before the appearance of a month’s full moon!

We cast spells, we perform rituals, we celebrate, we bathe in its light… you get the picture.

Our line of “Pray to the Moon” products capture the delight you feel when there’s a full moon out.

Using "I Go Through Phases Just Like The Moon" Items

Female witches know this by heart: going through phases. In their case, it’s following their menstrual cycle.

It is funny, actually. But in reality, you can use the phases of the moon to your advantage. Every moon phase is tied to its own meaning.

One thing is for sure: change is constant. Even the Moon Goddess goes through it.

Our I Go Through Phases Just Like The Moon line may be making light of the phases but it also urges you to look deeper and gain wisdom from the shifting of the phases and apply it into your life.

With "The Moon Made Me Do It" Items

If you’ve ever gone outside and performed a ritual wearing nothing at all… chances are, the moon made you do it.

How many things have you done that you can attribute to the moon?

This is funny and is a nod to all the spells and rituals you have done thanks to the moon.

Our Moon Made Me Do It line of products will make you and other witches smile. They’re definite conversation-starters.

Using "Forever With The Goddess" Items

Being a witch means being forever with the Goddess.

Of all of these items, this perfectly captures the central belief of Wiccans.

Whenever you are calm and at peace and strong, you are one with the Goddess.

This makes a big difference especially if you are tempted to do something wrong because it’s the easy way out.

Our Forever With The Goddess line of products helps you remain strong in the face of moral shortcuts, and remain in the good graces of the Moon Goddess.

You might wonder how all these say “I Love The Moon”? Well, have you ever worn something that does not express like or love?

Whenever you wear something, especially an item with texts in it, it most likely represents how you feel. It tells people you agree with it.

All these, in a way, express to people how much you love the moon.

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