4 Black Cat Items You Will Love

4 Black Cat Items You Will Love

Black Cat items are cute and make your cat - whether black or not - very happy. If you have a cat, you know how they love to be pampered and treated like royalty.

That actually has something to do with how they were treated in Egypt in the olden days. Black cats were believed to be bringers of good luck, blessings, and positivity. And the Egyptians considered themselves lucky if a black cat happened to wander into their homes.

Black cats were fed and were allowed a seat at the table with the humans.  

Taking it from the Egyptians, you should always show your black cat some love and care because they are actually adding to your life no matter how much food they may take from you :)

Here are 4 items which I think you will love if you are the Mother or a Father of a black cat, or white cat, or ginger cat at home.


This tarot deck features pagan cats walking silently between worlds and playing with the mysteries of life in their mischievous ways.

This will make tarot card reading even more fun and more personal since it features your black cat familiar who is so close to your heart. You will only grow closer to your black cat and go deeper into your spiritual practice.

The deck offers 78 Arcana that provide glimpses of the world through the eyes of your cat. It also comes with basic instructions as to how to use each for your divination.


The black cat familiar clock features a black cat so tired from studying and learning from its books and Book of Shadows and just gazing at the candle flame.

You know what, who knows what our black cats are thinking? It just proves how mysterious and mystical they are!

This clock uses 1 AA batteries (not included). It has a plywood back and a laminated vinyl face. It measures approximately 11 1/2" x 2 1/2."


This precious black cat tarot box is a very precious box indeed. It is perfect for storing your tarot card deck. It features a black cat standing guard over your tarot card deck or whatever else that fits in the box.

The box measures approximately 5 1/2" x 4" and has a felt-lined inside to make sure it doesn’t scratch or damage your items.


This journal bears the image of a black cat on the cover. It does scare away anyone who would potentially be curious about what’s written in your journal. The way the black cat here is staring, it’s like they’re searching your soul.

This journal is very handy and fits in your hand or your pocket. It measures 4" x 5".

These items are not exclusively for black cat owners. If you have a cat in your life or if you just feel closer to cats, or if you are allergic to cats but love them still, then these things will welcome their energy into your life! :)

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