The Strong Sun Moon

The Strong Sun Moon

When Summer comes, it not only brings longer days and the blooming of crops, it also brings with it June’s full moon, which is the strong sun moon.

Also called The Moon of Horses, Honey Moon, and The Lover’s Moon, as with any full moon, psychic energy flows freely during this full moon. This is a good time for magick, an excellent time to work with all the different elements.

During this full moon, work with protective spells, strengthening spells, preventive spells, and spells that are about maintaining and enhancing what you already have in your life. Be it a relationship, a career, and an education. You can also ask for guidance in decision-making and maintaining responsibility. If you have been inconsistent in your ways, this is the time to ask for strength to remain strong and steadfast in your journey.

But it does not mean you should not only focus on your shortcomings. This is also a time for positivity. Reward yourself for your good deeds, and acknowledge and honor your good traits.

Sun Moon Ritual

It is a good idea to get together with other Wiccans and spend time outdoors and perform a ritual while the sun moon is out.

This ritual is good for four or more people. Each of you can bring your own selection of herbs, flowers, solar symbols, seawater and seashells to be placed on the altar. And also, bring a quarter candles, cakes, ale, wine, fruit juice and water. For the candle colors, it is best to make sure your group has a representation of the four cardinal directions: green for north, red for south, yellow for east, and blue for west.

Each person should stand in his or her own quarter, facing the altar with an unlit candle. The person in the north lights theircandle and holds it up to the sky and say the following:

“We call upon the powers of Earth,
and welcome you to this circle.
The sun's heat has warmed the earth
and will bring us the bounty of the soil,
when the harvest time comes.”

Then he or she should place the candle on the altar.

The person to the east should say the following before placing the candle on the altar:

“We call upon the powers of Air,

and welcome you to this circle.
May the wind bring us fruitfulness
and togetherness of family and friends,
in this season of growth and light.

Place the candle on the altar.”

The person to the south does the same:

“We call upon the powers of Fire,
and welcome you to this circle.
May the shining light of this season's moon
illuminate our way at night,
as the sun has brightened our lives by day.

Place the candle on the altar.”

It’s the person to the west’s turn:

“We call upon the powers of Water,
and welcome you to this circle.
Although the earth may become dry and parched
during the long hot weeks of summer,
we know that again the rains will come
and bring with them life.”

Then everyone should join hands and say:

“We gather tonight by the light of the moon,

to celebrate the season, and rejoice.

May the next turn of the Wheel bring us love
and compassion, abundance and prosperity,
fertility and life.
As the moon above, so the earth below.”

a person with dark hair and a sunset in the background

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Take turns taking a sip of the wine or fruit juice. After each sip, that person should share with the group what he or she is looking forward to and what he or she wants to manifest in the following month.

After the ritual, each of you can go into your separate spaces and take time for gratitude and reflection on the growth that has taken place since last Spring, and the growth that is yet to come.

Sun Moon Correspondences:

Colors: Gold; Yellow; Orange

Element: Earth

Gemstones: Topaz; Agate; Alexandrite

Trees: Oak; Maple

Herbs: Molasses; Parsley

Flowers: Lavender; Orchid;

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Go try out the ritual and be sure to let me know what you think. The feedback really helps :)

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