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Our lovely customers: May 2016 Edition

Here are some of our lovely customers who has sent us images their images. You are all so extremely awesome :)


Check out this Awesome Image we got from Kayla Arthur wearing her Pentacle of the Black Onyx pendant and ‘I am a Witch’ pendant.

The Pentacle of the Black Onyx necklace wards off bad energy and look how its power is reflected in Kayla’s face. We think she has the sweetest face and kindest smile! Definitely without a trace of negativity on this one!

You can check it out here:

The I am a Witch pendant reminds you how special you are, and that you are unique, you belong, you are a wonderful Wiccan, and you are loved by the Goddess. See, Kayla knows that. Kayla is unique, she belongs, she is a wonderful Wiccan, and she is loved by the Goddess.

You can check it out here:

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